The Wrong Mr T

I have a vague recollection of watching the Mr T cartoon as a kid  ( I am showing my age)  however Mr T never crossed my mind at all when playing warcraft.  That was  untill ” I’m Mr T and I’m a Night Elf Mohawk ”  The mohawk was awesome!  – Hey we want mohawks! – and the male Night Elves got mohawks.  ( BUT NOT THE CHICKS! – WHERES MY NIGHT ELF MOHAWK! Eh..  Eh…  make my Shadow Priest just that little more of a bad Night Elf A$$… but I digress. )

Mr T was cool.   Ozzy was cool,  Mini Me was cool ect ect…  Kirk was…  um you get the picture.  Icons of their own time and era ect. It was great to see them in the Warcraft ads,  we giggled a little bit.

There is a reason why there is a Tshirt ” I survived Barrens Chat  ( and look its on sale for 10 bucks)

Was Mr T ever mentioned…   Nope.

It was all about Chuck.  The other Mr T  ( well more a Mr W, T.R) but still it has a T

 He was still is the hero of Barrens chat.   Second to him came MacGyver

Once I tried to make it all about Xena, but the trend never caught on.

I do not remember Mr T being mentioned at all –  I still love the idea of the Night Elf Mohawk.  Really.   However I am confused why he  gets his own mohawk grenade as part of such as an auspicious occasion as the 5th anniversary.  Sure its still fun, but surely there have been others who have made a much bigger impact on the culture of the game

Why MR T?

How much convincing would it take the others to get them involved.  Maybe their appearance fee’s were too high, or are there more suprises to come…

3 Responses to “The Wrong Mr T”

  1. 1 Busket November 18, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Personally I think Chuck Norris, if he’s even aware of the phenomenon, is just confused by and dismissive of the nerds who tell CN jokes. I doubt he has any use for their “hero worship” if you can even consider it that, and even less interest in promoting WoW. Mr. T, on the other hand, has always been aware that he occupies a kind of goofy pop culture role and embraces it. And maybe he hasn’t had much to do with WoW, but he’s been an internet nerd favorite for far longer then Norris; Mr. T vs. pages were ubiquitous in the Geocities-era internet.

  2. 2 Whats my main again? November 18, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Actually chuck norris supports the jokes and has even put out a book about his top favorite 101. I saw him on TV talking about it.

    If you believe the commercials… MR T and will shattner actually play the game. Even if not then they were willing to put their face and support behind it.

    Sure I think it would be cool to see a chuck norris grenade or something a long those lines… the night elf mohawk was simply easier because they already had game graphics of said mohawk.

  3. 3 candy November 20, 2009 at 1:24 am

    All I know is I’ve got a grenade in my bags, and it’s raid night tonight. RAWR!

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