I’m sooooo excited…….. I just can’t hiiiiiiddddddd it..

Cosi was a play I studied  did in school – they made a movie about it around the same time with Toni Collett – and the following clip  – the song ” I’m so excited ” sung so slowely and droll was an audition song sung in the play

“I’m soooooo exciiiiiittted..   I  juuust can’t hiiiiiiiide” here

It’s kinda how I feel about mists. I say the words, “I’m so excited”  but there is no real feeling in it.


I missed the excitement of the BC expansion because I had only been playing Wow for a month when it came out, so I am probably more of a BC baby, but I have been through the excitement of Wrath, and Cata, and I am getting a little weary. I still love the game, still playing, but it’s like a broken record,  the same people who get excited seem to be the first to moan  how easy/how boring it is / leave the game.

I don’t mind some spoilers, and I read what’s happening and occasionally I’ll go – Hey.. Stampede for hunters sounds really cool. I can’t wait to try it.

And I wonder if I am more tired of the people then I am of the game.

Stupid stuff like needing on greens, people wiping raids deliberately by pulling bosses, starting fights before raid is complete/everyone is there.  Aspect of the pack on spine, or Hagara, and then afkers in bg’s   I know Blizzard seem to be trying to make playing with pugs as asshat proof as possible with their new loot rules, and have improved things like reporting over the years  but it also feels like we are getting wrapped in more and more bubble wrap. One person should not have the power to ruin 24 other,  9 other 4 other peoples fun and I guess bubblewrap is one way of going about it.

I signed up for 12 month subscription thing so I will get the Beta eventually,  but I am of two minds to use it.  I would question my motivations,  do I really want to help them find bugs, or do I want to see some of the new stuff before most other people. I’m also not too keen on having the new stuff ruined for me, and while I would like to see the new panda zone – and be a monk, before a million other people on go live also do the same, I suspect the starting zones on test realms would much the same experience.

and while I may be a little quite,  I am still here, not going anywhere.

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2 Responses to “I’m sooooo excited…….. I just can’t hiiiiiiddddddd it..”

  1. 1 Steegos April 1, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Was lucky enough to get a beta invite last Friday, had a huge amount of fun levelling up to 86 on one character and nearly there on a second. The best part however was starting a monk (human of course) and playing with the new class.

    Giddy :)

  2. 2 ellori April 3, 2012 at 5:35 am

    I’m tired of the people. :( Too much griefing and just people being dbags with impunity. If anyone calls the dbag on his behavior, half the time people will even side with the dbag and say welcome to lfr, or some self-justifying bs.

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