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A Frost Wyrm on my Back

Wow Insiders post Tattoed for the Horde got me thinking about a comparision I could make to one of my own Tattoos.

I have two Tatt’s one on my Ankle of a Celtic Tri knot that I got when I moved out of home, as a stamp of independance in a way. ( No its not the charmed symbol.. )

and then a couple of years ago, I got my 2nd tatt on the top of my back. ( The guy who did my 1st Tatt told me that that it is rare for someone to die with just one Tatt. )

The Pics were taken by the guy who inked me. So they are still red.  

The official design is a  Tribal Dragon, however I think it looks like a Frost Wyrm. ( remember those from Mount Hyjal )  Or Even Glacion In Wrath There are a few other skeletal type mounts around, Like the Bone Gryphons for  the Ebon Blade quests but they don’t have the Wyrm shaped body.

This Tatt was planned over beer and cheap steak at a Irish pub of ill repute, I wasn’t even playing wow at the time,  a friend and I were going to get  our 2nd tatts done at the same time.  I knew I wanted a dragon, wasn’t sure what style dragon though,  she backed out the following week – but I had already made up my mind,  so I went to the Studio on my own,  to pick one out.  It came off the wall

Dragons are creative energy, and symbolic for so many things cross cultures,  to me they are power, strength, Magic, creativity and freedom, all things which I think make up my core and things I want to embody.  It was a promise to myself that no matter what  I would keep my creativity, my writing, my weirdness, I would never lose me, and I intend  to keep that promise.   

There is also a logic behind my picking the simplistic ink of that design, my ankle tatt is also black, with thick lines.  Its so when they start to fade, and they will, I can get them reinked, touched up alot easily then a  rose that will fade into a red and black mush when I get old and saggy

I knew that my 1st would be with me the rest of my life, and not once have I regretted them.  My mother threatened to cut out any more I got ( She said no tatt’s while under her roof – so I got it done rather shortly after moving out)  I hid my 2nd tatt from my family, untill my brother found a pic on my LJ and my dad had a copy printed out on the coffee table waiting for me one sunday when I went over for dinner. 

Will I get a third? Maybe…



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