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Why so Ugly

My baby druid  Zahre  ( I like Z’s ) is level 31 now, and yes despite the uglyness of the new tree form.  She is resto, and will probably hit 80 before Cata since for now she is shiny and new and interesting, and even a bad LFG and repeated runs of  SM Graveyard is better than the time it takes , and all the frack arounds of a bad ICC pug.

So how about those new tree forms eh…

Larissa   said that they look “aggressive and masculine” and Zelmaru from  Murloc Parliment calls its a “not-tree” and Sarindre’s from Through the Eyes of the tree quotes her husband as calling it a “leafy golem” and Keeva from Tree Back Jacket says ”  It looks very masculine, complete with leafy Goatee”   Kea from Dreambound says ” They’re still grumpy old tree men”  Analogue from Looking for more says “this is abominable”

check out Looking for More’s mini comic on the new form too  Warn your Gnomes

Where is the love? Though apparently you are able to Gylph it back to the old form.

I shall make a general observation.   Most Resto druids I know have been female.  ( this is mainly resto druid raiders as I have not been in a social only guild for years) This doesn’t mean all girls play druid healers, or only healers, but I believe that it is a general consensus that female players have leaned strongly towards healing classes, I am sure there are plenty of exceptions.  Though It’s already been noted that most of our resto druid bloggers are female .

This ugly change – and while I have yet to put it through the new Ugly test on the Iphone, I don’t find appealing at all.   I dread when I shall be shifting in it,  when I play my druid I want to feel nature connected,  graceful yet powerful.  Not a unweldy chunk of wood and foliage. It is odd that they chose this model considering that   studies like the Daedalus Project  have shown in Our Virtual Bodies, Ourselves  that “women are more than twice as likely to prefer the attractive choice.”   Why change a relative gender neutral form into a an undeniably masculine one that is not attractive at all, especially when it seems to most certainly be a female preference.   I personally think it looks like someone has slapped a Halloween –  over exaggerated  featured face mask on it.

Is it to make it more appealing for males to play?  Does a more masculine looking druid form make you feel more manly and powerful, and therefore want to play such a class or spec more.  I wasn’t expecting the new form to be wearing skirts,  and I know a lot of the druids have wanted a change from looking like Ents, but still.   Please make it prettier, because as shallow or as gender sterotypical it sounds.   I like pretty.

Tree form.   The Mans Tree

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A tank with no army.

My tank is doing ok,  she is just shy of 5k gearscore and has never stepped into anything greater then a 5 man ( and I say that with a GS qualifier of that it does not have one piece of Pvp gear, and its gearing for items not score – but it gives you an idea of where she is at)   Mixed Badge, Boes ect,  34k health unbuffed, and 44k has been been the highest HP i’ve seen her in an instance.

But I am now at the point where I have no idea what to do with her – besides maxing out her professions ( which I have been lax with).  This is what guilds are for.  Taking undergeared/under experienced tanks into places they wouldn’t be able to sneak into otherwise.

The frost badge collection is slow going not running ICC, the holiday instance for brewfest has helped a lot, but still, I need more frostbadges then I am likely to ever obtain.

If I had enough throw away gold I might be able to buy my way into a TOC GDKP as an offtank or something, as a carry, and if I had 85 k ( I think it was the price being offered)  I could buy my way into an icc 10 including gear.  But I have never needed that sort of gold,  so never tried to make it.   Sneaking in without any raid tanking experience into places like naxx or ulduar might work but I really wouldn’t want to try that. Tanking 5 mans and halls of stone for the gazillionth time is still far away from tanking any raid tanking experience.

I might be better off getting a dps set,  as dps are a little more accommodating if you have another toon that has the experience – just to get the achievement.

I have gleaned a few more things of wisdom from tankage.

Charge – not only does it generate enough initial rage to do your thing, it also puts distance between you and trigger happy dps that fire high agro salvos as their opening shots.  While charging too far ahead of the healers will pee them off ( as I have been pee’d off while trying to heal a charging warrior) it stops the hunter from multishotting before you’ve even hit the lead target.

I had a lot of difficulty early on when learning to tank some instances on multiple targets for this reason.  Hit target one with a shield slam for your threat,  then thunderclap before dps grab agro on the other targets. But trigger happy dps was hitting multiple targets before I could even hit one,  so Thunderclap as an opener for agro grab meant I was still chasing after loose mobs.  Charging ahead gives me a breather.   There is still a GCD between when I can thunderclap after my sheild slam has gone off, and everything else but using Challenging shout ( 10 yard enemy focus on you) is all single target.

I told one highly geared dps Boomy  that was single targeting mobs that if the “mob starts hitting you – stop hitting it”  I was told it was my job to get agro off him He had my vigilance, and I ended up taunting on cooldown. Really made running that instance a chore.

Stuff like MD’s/fades. and all the other agro reducing abilities  are just not getting used in 5 mans because of the facerolling. I might set up a poweraura for Misdirect so I know if the hunter is using it on me,  and maybe get used to poking them if they don’t use it,  and I think I need it.

The other thing  I have learned is also to be more aware of my Melee dps when positioning.  They all like doing it from behind. So moving the target sometimes to allow for them to get in behind  means they die less.

But even they can’t help when the healer decides to stand behind with them on Krystallus in Halls of stone, and blow them all up.  Pulling the Maiden of Grief back a little further from a Storm of Grief ( the black circles)  ( also from HOS)  means the melee dps don’t stand in it as often, and die less.  From my tanking I know that when your standing in bad stuff  with all the aoe, and spell affects and the like it can take longer to realise,  but thats not an excuse.   I’ve never melee’d dps but I would have thought that range have less environmental distractions so can be more aware of the ground beneath them by sight, without having to look at debuffs.


I have landed. I ended up on Proudmoore,  thankyou for your ideas and suggestions.

I guess I have run away.

I had pretty much lost all my reasons as to why I came to BR in the first place.  I followed people from an old guild to the land of ‘milk and honey’  and was no longer playing with any of them – add that needing a break – losing motivation and I guess just plain giving up.  I had a list big enough to leave.

I still have level  80 alts on BR, and they are all now safely under the wings of my bank guild so they can at least pretend they have friends :)  I have no idea what will become of them.  They will probably be gathering dust initially once Cata comes out anyway.

And I have an up and comming baby druid I rolled for kicks – that might keep me somewhat occupied. I hope to get to at least tree form so I can run around singing Marina and the Diamonds

Running with my Roots pulled up
Caught me cold so they could cut
What there was left of Love 

” I intend on doing it resto, and am somewhat annoyed that the better lobie talents for resto seem to be in Balance.

On my new realm I’m doing random things cause I’m kinda lost for things to do,  so I did a Voa 10 ( and was nicely asked to heal it when they couldn’t get another healer)  and I  dps’d the weekly.

In both instances – someone went to the summoning stones, and started summoning without asking.  People waited outside till everyone was there, people buffed without asking, and first impressions seem to be that everyone is a lot nicer to each other.  Trade  is pleasant.  If trade could ever be so.

As for other stuff.  I am going to  a writers meeting tomorrow.  Promise.   If only so I can bask in the glory that is other people’s motivation – or maybe I can find a  print out of  a semi recent story to take and read  –  am still in the mood to write a drippy poem,  but drippy poems are drippy poems and should remain banished from view.

Also spent some more money at a craft shop because I am making my own xmas cards this year ! And you will probably get pictures because well  – it will be like SEE I have other hobbies that don’t involve WOW.

As for what else I plan to do in wow  – I have no idea. I’m not stopping playing – just taking a step back a little.    I’ve not looked at guilds – I just want to cruise as non committal for now because I think I should have a break.

I hunt for you with bloodied feet

Some Level 59 fresh out of the starting area DK tried to gank my level 50 warrior in blasted lands.  He failed. Basically by bouncing around ,  stunning him when I could,  bashing him, meleeing,  taking a health pot. He died eventually. 

That’s still  a 9 level difference.   Maybe it was lag that made me harder to kill, or his inexperience,  or the fact that I  have learned that  standing still and doing stuff in a pvp situation is not always a good thing.  So I bounced.  I have my stun in a good keybind, and I used it every time I bounced past.   

Even though I survived.  Just – I felt unfairly targeted as an easy kill.  That I was not an easy kill meant nothing because he still felt like ganking me to prove he was bigger and stronger.

While sitting and eating myself back up to full health after my skirmish with the DeathKnight I thought about the fairness in the battle.  9 levels is a lot  – and I considered this  out of my ‘fair game’  zone for pvp.   So I logged out, and retrieved my level 80 Priest who had been waiting around because farming all those bits for the quests are easier done when you can one dot a mob to death, and I watched him rez, and I killed him with a dot.   I went about killing some more mobs for gizzards, and brains, and jowls – he rezed again, and I killed him again.

He didn’t release for a long time after that, and I had to log out anyway so I left him.

I play on a  PVP realm.You don’t need to go outside the protective walls of Cities, and Instances much as a raiding level 80 much.  However I decided that my Human warrior tank would level through some of  her 40’s and 50’s by questing, get to see some of the old areas again before they change. 

Alliance are outnumbered  by 2.9:1  ( according to warcraft realms data) which is not too bad, and I decided to risk venturing out and questing. 

Sure I have been ganked before,  usually when taking on 3 gorilla’s to find that there is a 4th, and a hunter shooting arrows at me too.  Or a Skull level will fly by and one shot me for fun.

I got my first honor kill  on this toon in Tanaris Pirate cove,  where a druid a couple of levels higher then me attacked me,  but then I died very shortly after.  A rogue got me a few times when I was trying to collect a quest item off a Dew collector down the other end of Tanaris, but that I think that  was partly because he wanted my quest mobs, and I kept comming back to try and kill him.

I know there is nothing ‘fair’ about pvp.   The skull level players that have ganked me so far usually smash me, and move on.   I have blown kisses to horde  I could have killed  as  I run past them. I’ve waved, ignored them, been ignored by them,  quested along side of. I just don’t have the urge to hunt. I am not offensive in a  world pvp enounter,  I just want to do my quests and move on, I will try and survive if you engage me,  but I’ll never start the fight,  in this case though  I didn’t mind ‘punishing’ him.

Was it fair that  he attacked me thinking I would be an easy kill?   Was it fair I punish him three times,  once by dying to my warrior, and twice by dying to my Level 80 priest. It’s a PVP realm.  I’ve been reminded so many times by so many people  – there is no such thing as fair. ” Just deal with it”  So I feel justified because I can.  Just like anyone else can target lobies.

Getting interrupted when questing is a pain in the butt, and I really don’t want to inflict that pain on someone else.

But I felt I had to make my point to him that there is always a bigger fish.  Did I have to do it twice more? Maybe not.  It was bed time anyway s0 I logged – just in case he bought his main.

I can Faciliate My Own Meaningful Relationships

I will be honest and say if not for the ability to post under a pseudonym then this blog wouldn’t exist, and besides Zahraah  or Pugnacious priest is a much more exciting and exotic then my real name,  which would  you believe, is actually Sarah.

For the purpose of my writing  – Sarah is just some chick that plays  a computer game that lives in Australia.  Struth.  Zahraah or PP is a Shadow Priest of the Moon,  born and bred in Azeroth.

I would never have felt the freedom to express myself  – especially in the beginning , so publicly,  if I could not have ‘hidden’ under a blogging name. I state opinions,  I make mistakes,  I have a sence of humor which may not be  the same as other people, I like playing with new things, like the audio post, mucking around creatively with Gimp – 600 public posts are readable. Commentable,  copy and pastable,  linkable, googleable. 

Blogging is different to a forum, but there is still self expression, still opinions,  still mistakes, and still humor, people go to forums for information, advise, and they are also very much public.

I have a very common name,  it’s not going to tell you much, and has low googleability. However it shows my gender  quite clear, but do I really want people who call girls  F’n ‘w*ores ( in vent) to know my real name? Because that player exists.

Blizzard will argue that anything that breeches T&C’s are moderated.  If I had been called a F*cken W*ore in a forum – then it would have eventually been moderated, but this was done in Vent.

Not every person is mean and nasty,  not everyone is sexist, racist, bigoted, annoying, out to fraud us, steal our names,  blackmail or use the information to judge us.  But those people exist and  thus we have become more protective of our personal Identity.

The biggest issues I have ever had with people I have interacted gaming wise have occurred on services outside Blizzards control. A Guild Website, and the guild troll, and the Pug  in vent that called another female player a F*cken W*ore – and I could say nothing because I had already been muted, we use these services because Blizzard have not been able to develop ones with good useability, and they are essential to our playing.

Blizzard may control what happens under their sphere of influence,  but they cannot control or moderate  any interaction that happens outside their domain, and the information obtainable from their domain will be useable outside.

We are in a social media age – information we post publically gets indexed, and is searchable,and is accessible  by services which  – for example, with someone’s email  can pull up any public information on any email address – social media crawlers extract information from everywhere, and create a single profile  that often for a minimal membership fee  will tell you their twitter / linked in / any blogs / email addresses/ IP addresses / – If you have even a drop of   ‘Google Fu’ you will find a lot of information.

While Blizzards vision is a nice ideal,  in their  announcement  they said

“it’s important to us to create a new and different kind of online gaming environment — one that’s highly social, and which provides an ideal place for gamers to form long-lasting, meaningful relationships”

Will this sharing make us realise that we do actually play with real people,  and make us nicer players?  Nicer forum posters? Make you more likely to form a better relationship?

Highly unlikely – because there are people who just do not care enough – or do not  have good intent.

Funnily enough – Blizzard probably already have a list of people who are more likely to cause trouble for the majority.  These are the people who have already received forums bans, game bans ,  they get punished by Blizzard, and get let back in the game to do it all over again.  How many people get repeatedly banned from forums or the game? Why aren’t they permi banned?  Maybe because they are the ones paying for name changes and server transfers the most.

Blizzard is trying to make the  connections we make while playing  “long lasting, meaningful relationships”  When often all it requires is for me to maintain this relationship is a hi! – or exchange on external contact information. 

I don’t need facilitation from Blizzard in deciding what personal  information to share.  

All of those other social media tools allow you to hide your webpresence, or use an alternate name publically. Any privacy concerns get addressed publically,  and encouraged to change in international media.   Blizzard by trying to facilitate meaningful relationships through Real ID  and this recent change to forums,  but will be opening up personally identifiable information on a publically accessable forum – which will be available to all untill the internet dies.

Is Blizzard saying we can’t form real relationships unless we use our real identity? What have I been doing already?  The choices towards the people I choose to stay in contact with,  and their choice to stay in contact with me have already been made. 

When it comes to our reluctance to share – do you really blame us?  Will Blizzard staff be following the same example?

The question shouldn’t be ” What do you have to hide?”   but ” Why is it any of your business to know?”

So It’s a  No to Real Names on forums.  What would make it more user friendly?

Lock it down so you need to be logged in to read anything with anyones real names.

Turn off google indexing

Permanently Ban people from the game who have shown that by their own actions in game, or on forums that they are of questionable character – and have proven by their actions that they have no intent on making the game a friendly place to be.  

Then we can talk.

5 things for Friday

1. I will write more on my Dedicated server stance.  I need to do some more reading  to back up my argument,  I want to  consider things like the effects of language, and region on progression in raids, and arena. 

If a dedicated real oceanic server did happen – than the player base becomes more concentrated – than language will affect who you play with – Eg just look at EU WOW. Servers and guilds have become ‘language – centric’.    I guess I’m letting the cat out of the bag on an unwritten post – but I want to spend some time on the issue,  and I think it’s big enough and important enough to present a well thought out case then just a random ‘ I don’t want….”  Like I did in my previous post.

  Do the majority of people who play in Oceanic actually need a server that will deliver more precise actions. Are we underrepresented in things like Arena, and progressive raiding,  and  would having less lag  encourage more people to get serious about those things?   

2.  I’ve had a few attempts on LK in 10’s,   but when the tank is tanking him in defile.  We have issues.  BUT!   I killed the King on 25’s with my new guild.  They are old hats at it.  No I wasn’t  noob enough to release when LK killed us all,  though my complete and utter shock  at the raid blowing up  probably made me look like I hadn’t even read about the encounter.   I did I promise!  But being there and dying unexpectedly is still a massive shock because my first thought was something had happened to wipe the raid.

3.  Devouring Plague spamming in BG is awesome.  I can crit up to 4.5 K damage on a DP inital damage,  and it’s not dispelable if I am spamming it chasing you across the BG.  So shadow priest hot on your heals  Shadow Word deathing you on CD,  Doting you up with SWP, throwing a fiend at you, and spamming DP.  You better be a healing class with hots, and a lot of health. Cause your going down. MWHAHAHAHA

4. I got globally muted on a vent. When I was on my healing Alt in a GDKP.  It’s my fault. I told the player if he wasn’t going to stop saying a certain word  repetitively I would ignore him.  Imagine wiping on Rot Heroic, and all you can hear just over the raid leaders instructions is  Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*sPen*s Pen*s

It wasn’t even the word that annoyed me,  it was the timing  – and it’s repetitiveness.  I wasn’t the first, nor the last to tell him to quit it,  but I was the only girl who spoke.  He was a vent admin. Result = Me globally muted for the rest of the raid. 

That same raid,  when another female spoke for the very first time after some discussions on why we were wiping on Princes,  was told to “Shut up you W*ore” and some other choice words.

Yet regardless of what I think was undeserved treatment  me and her still stuck the raid out, and got our share of the GDKP pot.   It was a pug,  but it was run by someone who should have better control because of the guild tag he wore  – and he didn’t control not only the behaviour directed at us,  but let the raid rip each other apart on various things the entire time we were in there.

This is where I wish recording vent conversations didn’t breach our telecommunications survellience acts  ( topic for another day)

My principles are worth less than a pot of around 4800 gold each.  But I wasn’t going to leave and reward them with a greater share.  Then they would have won.


Would you listen to me if it wasn’t about WOW?  I don’t really expect an answer,  just that I have been adding as many non wow blogs to my reader as I have wow blogs, and I have found so many interesting people talking about stuff!  I guess definitions of interesting vary between people. 

No No No..   I not quitting Wow blogging I am as addicted to blogging as I am gaming.

My epiphany has been that it’s a little sad that my gaming experiences  are  more relevant, and interesting to an audience then thoughts on more important things.  But I am sure those important things wouldn’t be half as entertaining.

Social Media – Bloggers and Blizzard

Theres a recent Mashable article ” How to Target Social Media Influencers to Boost traffic and sales”   Basically  – find out  who your 1%  are – What they like to share  –  where they hang out –  what motivates them – and make them famous.     The article says

On average, approximately 1% of a site’s audience generates 20% of all its traffic through sharing of the brand’s content or site links with others. And these “influencers” drive an even higher share of conversion. These very important Internet users can directly influence 30% or more of overall end actions on brand websites by recommending the brand’s site, products or promotions to friends.

Now this is  relevent because Larisa asks “Has Blizzard put the Wow blogging community on Ignore”  and she has noticed that community sites,  including bloggers are severely underrepresented in Blizzards Fan site  program. Two of the 4 reasons Blizzard gave  as to why not  are  “Limited Interest they hold to the community, and the big amount of them”  This makes sence when you look at a social media marketing model.

Remember that Map of the World of Warcraft online communities Map by Tim Howgego this was done back in 2008 – so it may have changed by now – “The South West of the Map is dominated by the ‘Blog-o-sphere” but only one blog  Wow Insider ( now  is named

If you look at that  Community Map,  it really puts into perspective who else is out there.  Blogging about WOW is only one way Wow players are expressing their love of a game.  We are still little fish, in a big ocean.

Larisa points out that some bloggers have gotten a nod from Blizzard, but those who have,  BRK, Resto4life  and I will  even add  Breanni, from Warcraftpets   a fan site – maybe they are our 1%   – Blizzard have immortalised these bloggers / players  –  created legends  given connection to the rest of us and hope  that one day – maybe Blizzard will notice us – and name a gun after us.   ( The Pugnacious Collar is not mine – pure co-incidence – as if they would give me a non Spell power neck. )

They don’t need to give more bloggers  love.  We will still love them regardless, and the messages / fame /  that they do give to the 1% will be enough – because  that  social media market model theories that by reaching that 1% you are reaching and influencing 30%  – you don’t need to acknowledge even the top 10% to get your message across.

A 4 things for Friday thing

( there was 5  – but number 5 got it’s own post)

1.Corporate Raider

I am really loving Looking4More ‘s Corporate Raider  mini comics

He is going places

Vote to Kick

and My Favourite  Raiding the Workforce

Who says Wow and Corporate Slavery doesn’t mix?  I shall remember that one every time I am in a meeting. 

2. We got a Pony

As Matticus Said today  “Ghostcrawler did promise us a pony”  and we got one via the Celestial Mount. It’s pretty and the Mini XT Pet is cute.  And it happened when I was asleep.  If your game enough to wait in the queue which reported at being  7 hours    with 71338 people in queue, aprox 5 hours ago – with an update saying now there is  140,000 people in queue. 

If it granted me 310% Flight speed.  Sure I would lean more to buying it.  I’m getting something pretty and something with a use.  However it only goes as fast as your highest flying speed you have learned –  and thats not likely to change  for me at the present time, and besides  the only flying I have been doing lately has been is from Dalaran to ICC  so it’s not like its a massive distance anyway.  The rate at which people have been buying it though means it will still be common enough for it not to be a special.  It will not be a ” Oh wow did you see that love rocket.”   

3. I can’t comment on your blog when I see

Your comment has been blocked because the blog owner has set their spam filter to not allow comments from users behind proxies.

If you are a regular commenter or you feel that your comment should not have been blocked, please contact the blog owner and ask them to modify this setting

Now I need  remember who I wanted to comment on I shall have to tell them.

4. Raiding with a substance impairment

Theres enough on that topic to justify it’s own post   –  but I already did that  in Raiding Wet   I’ll be judgemental on the basis that your enjoyment is impacting on mine.  Yes I have drunk/ been drunk playing WOW.   I even asked to be let off the hook from a raid because I had been to Octoberfest all day, but sometimes I get so annoyed at a wipe – and someone asks “what happened”  and then someone giggles “Sorry guys..”   or slurs or gets up to get another drink or cocktail  between wipes – How do you take them seriously because I know their reactions speeds are slow, that they aren’t thinking as fast on their feet,  and adapting to changing raid circumstances, their judgement is impaired.  And there is a BIG difference between a couple of beers and 10 beers / 10 cocktails/The whole bottle. I know it’s a game  – your allowed to have fun – your home – blah blah blah  and no it’s not just been pugs.

Though the drunk druid on Wednesday night seemed to heal better the drunker she got. – Just that the raid got slower as people got distracted – and inappropriate comments were encouraged  to the point where the R word was used –  and that lead to what  R wasn’t  – which then made me say on vent.  “You have two Girls in the Channel – this is not appropriate”

Music in Class Rotations

Read the post from Kelpsacovic the Trollshaman on Musical Rhythm in class rotations

Because I am so in love with his concept – that each class has a rhythm, it’s own song.  Soooo much in love  I found some blank music paper,  and had a crack at composing a Shadow Priest song by spell rotation

My Musical notation is a little rusty.  but its in F major  4/4   the bass line is the F major chord  which would be our dots,  SWP DP and VT   ( forget the note lengths which would translate into 12 secs / beats of real time which is not correct for the dot lengths, 

I think I would need a percussion line for our VE – I think Ve -being healing  would have a different sound to damage dealing ( so thats not included in this)

The top line, the melody is Mindflay,  Mindblast , trinket procs and then it changes when heroism is hit.   It’s only a short piece and I don’t have garage band to plug it into to see how it sounds, I don’t think I have any nasty sounding clashes in there, and I could probably make the melody a little more complicated and it’s not quite the pipe organ sound I first envisaged.    Apologies for how messy it is.

I play flute  – and  very very basic keyboard  so I could possibly play it,

Im sure Kelpsacovic has some other ideas and I would be very much interested to see what he comes up with!  Go Go ! 

4th 80 and its another priest

My second Priest  Ostara hit 80 over the weekend.

Yes I now have two.

Once upon a time, before there were duel specs , there was nasty rumours about people trying to make my main Zah heal. Besides the not wanting to cop the respec costs on a weekly basis, especially since I didn’t have epic flying. I didn’t like healing.
(It turned out.. I just didn’t like healing them.) I rolled a 2nd priest with the idea that if I was being forced to heal, I would say ” Fine – here is a healer.. gear her up if you want me to heal.” Of course that didn’t  work out, and she was abandoned at 70 in Wrath.

So because I really like priests She leveled 70-72 in bgs ( before the xp nerf.. ) and most of the rest has been done in Instances – less than a week later since dinging 80,  she is now on a Gearscore of around 3600  *  considering that  my other priest is healing the same instances with a Gearscore of 5300 ish in my healing set,  I don’t think she is doing too badly.

Her gear is mostly chanted, and gemmed with at least blue quality gems,   2 pieces of Tier 9 and as much Ilevel 200 gear she can get her hands on.   What is mainly failing her is trinkets.  Once I get them fixed then she will be uber.

I cashed in all hers and my Hunters Stonekeeper shards earned with the multitudes of instances done lately,  and got 40k honor from them,  so I bought a Pvp healing ring, more so that it was one piece of gear I wouldn’t have to replace in too much of a hurry,  well at least with the gear that’s obtainable so far.

She is however another 80 that won’t raid.

My main went a whole week without a raid,  not even an Ony,  or a GDKP  – I didn’t try – I spent more time standing around then I did playing her when I did log in.  I never got to kill putricide,  and now a new wing is out, and a little part of me is crying at all this missed content.   I was  in Naxx 1 hour after hitting 80 on my main,    I was in Ulduar on the day it came out,   I was in TOC the day it came out.   I look upon the ICC  instance portal with little pulls on my heartstrings.

*while gearscore doesn’t translate into skill,  I find it useful for at least tracking the majority of the quality of gear I am wearing on what ever alt

** Love the model view on armory,  I can post pics and not need my SS folder when I am not at home.

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