Welcome – To the Rantings and Ravings of a Shadow Priest

In order to try and improve my play- understand guild relations  – get some pointers – Learn and grow: Ive been trolling World of Warcraft forums ( in a good way) and Blogs – After seeing several blogs on here that I like I thought I would give it ago. With several topics of my own that I wanted to Air/discuss about playing the Utility tool that is the Shadow Priest.  Often underestimated/Misaligned/ignored  we are a power to be reckoned with.  ( we are also very useful too )

Why Pugnacious – It’s a awesome sounding word. – it has a lyrical emotiveness about it.and like back in the days of debating in school.

I define Pugnacious to be as the per the following definition from www.dictonary.com


1.  tough and callous by virtue of experience [syn: hard-bitten
2.  ready and able to resort to force or violence; “pugnacious spirits…lamented that there was so little prospect of an exhilarating disturbance”- Herman Melville; “they were rough and determined fighting men” 

I do not advocate violence. But I enjoy raiding, I enjoy BG’s and I’d like to consider myself somewhat as a battlepriest / warrior woman ect ect ..     Think Xena Meets Janeway-

Yes Im also a real girl.

–  Under a Creative commons licence and Thanks to Blizzard for providing such a awesome game – the following is my Blog on all things – Great  – for the most part I hope it will be interesting and informative –

I thought about not identifying the ingame me. My guild and in game toons.  But as an opinionate person I’d like to think that if you belive in something enough to say it – then you should also defend it – and take ownership of it. So I will be be mindful of feelings and I will not be spiteful or hurtful – but this is a my blog on the game as I see it.

So if you read this blog and you know me – then you will probably know who im talking about even if I haven’t named a Toon.

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  1. 1 Kestrel February 6, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Welcome to the World of Blogcraft! Always nice to see another priest in the fold. If you haven’t already done so, please come on over to Blog Azeroth and introduce yourself. 🙂

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