Quitting my Guild

So  Ive decided to quit my Guild on my main.  Its been an up and down thought for a couple of weeks now, gradually withdrawing from stuff – Including the Kara run.

So Ive left.  It was odd – I feel free.. I feel : refreshed.  Ive proclaimed loyalty and i had been with them since August. and Ive had two offers to join other guilds in the last week, and that was without me actually looking.  As today Ive not decided if I will join the latest Guild thats asked.  I have killed Grul: the dragon killer twice now with them, and they seem like nice people.  I had a chat with a guy at work today who also plays wow – and gavc him a run down of some of the dramas that was my guild and people and he was laughing at me – ( in good spirit ) Its a game and you forget sometimes that you are still dealing with real people.

I’ve also left being an officer.  I’ve asked – demanded – pleaded to have that rank removed.  I wanted to play – do my own thing and not feel like everytime i did somthing that was an officer role ( like demote non active players who hadnt been online for 6 months) that I was overstepping my bounds.  Ive read forum posts as to other guilds drama tried to relate it to how i was feeling – and how to fix it.  I did the basics – Talked about to other officers and the GM – asserted my authority as an officer and the best interests for the guild. – but it was never enough or too much.  For the most the guildys just wanted to log and play. When you have 200 odd members its not that simple.

I was also getting increasingly frustrated at the time it was taking to do the simplist of things. Like kill the 1st three bosses in Kara. But that would mean people would need to be there – and prepared. so what happens to the people who are there. They get bored and there are other issues – mainly with we thought we were heading to be a raiding guild but people werent putting in the right efforts.

so now having /gquit.  Did you know that not even a warning asks you “are you sure?” the command does it automatically.

I told the inviting guild I would let them know tomorrow – I didnt tell them when I was going to quit – and Id like to talk to their officers tomorrow and see what they expect from me – and also what I expect from them.  No drama Please – no officer position – so im not expecting an auto invite.   It could be refreshing to wander around guildless for a while.

I guess I will be putting the  PUG  – in pugnacious more.

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