Gearing up for Kara

A minor grievance of mine, especially in the early days of Kara was that an item would drop and everyone would go.. ohh ohh.. I need that.

You would then check out your own gear – Already a purple or a blue that you have either Bg’d / Arena’d heroric’d for  and then pass – because the item isn’t really un upgrade after you have just spent 17k honour points getting that new item ( and do yo uknow how hard that is to get now on Av weekends.. /cry )

And as the runs continue – and more purples drop – and they aren’t upgrades really as a whole – or they are for an off spec    and you don’t get any of them –  you start to think why am I here? So add up all the other reasons. You quit.

Ive gotten  couple of purples from Kara. – Gloves off Attunmen – Staff off Curator and a robe off Opera( which I now use as a healing robe but was my best damage robe at the time. )  I haven’t don’t too bad. But – add up the weeks and the cost of being in there because of lack of progression and that we never had a warlock –  and that we have been running since Octoberish maybe even September.  That’s A LOT of time – for not a lot of success.

We did it hard – No one with experience to help when 1st running – reading up on the fights working out roles  but since then we have splintered off another team – had to Pug out of the core team for 50% of the runs due to non attendance or RL commitments. Add into that we have had alts being swapped in for fights – the rule was that an Alt got 2nd preference – but still when everyone else was gearing up their offspecs any decent healing gear went to the Alt because they were a healer, and then in the next breath.  Will you heal for the next fight.

That was my old Guilds loot rules,  and while Im not running Kara as much ( I dont have to. We clear in one night what used to take 3) Its sort of a Nanna group – but for the most everyone is well geared, and they are now after one off items or badges only .

I didnt leave my old Guild for one reason, and I get whispers from some of them saying ( its good they are on speaking terms)  – “we downed prince..”  ect ect..  Im like “Congrats!” and I’m happy for them.. but it was a combination of things – including that I was considering airing my greviences on Guild relations forum,  but the one reply that keept getting me was for most of those posts was If you are not happy leave.   I wasn’t happy – I couldnt see anything changing to fix that..” So I left.

It was hard – but it was for the best.



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