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When I left my old guild as of 2 weeks ago, I tried to do it right,  I had joked after Pugging Gruls  with “Cellar Door” one week that I was being head hunted – and In officer chat I got the ‘well if you have to go – We will understand.”  and at the time I was like.  Uh no.. Im happy with you guys.. I started thinking after – they really don’t care.  I was then invited back to the following Gruls Run and we downed him, and it was all exciting. I didnt get any loot, but it was a good experience.  Again I was asked did I want to join them.  The offer was becomming more attractive.

I had been reading Guild relation forums for a few weeks previously to try and get an idea of the drama that can be, and how to deal with it.  I had been taking my officer postion as I would a management position and having managed people in real life, the ideas and ideals carried across.   I pushed the update of the website,  I spend money and hours fixing it up, making it a decent representation of the guild.,  keeping the voting clean,  updating pictures, plugging the site.  I pushed the idea of using the Guilds money for the guild members,  yet when I would get suspcious at new members eying off the guild bank I was put in my place.  When I demoted members who hadnt been online for 6 months down to intiate, I was put in my place  each time I tried to do what an officer is meant to do I was put in my place.  The Gms catch phrase was ‘this is too much’ and so was playing alts most of the time to avoid the pressure of being GM,  fair enough,  but it was the officers who managed the guild, the GM was a figure head only. He didnt partipate in the main raids or Kara runs as his healing was not up to speed.  So After all this happened in the two weeks lead up to my /gquit  I was thinking. Why do I bother. Everything I tried to do kept getting shot down.  I asked for regular officer meetings on vent.. never happened.

So I whispered the Gm and explained some of things – and told him I was leaving, and that I hoped that my Alt and my position as web admin would stay. He assured me it would, and that we would be ‘friends’  I left thinking Ive done this right, I did it when there werent alot of people on so as not to cause drama,  the Gm knew when I was doing, and I said goodbye..  hope you wave to me when you see me.

The GM had the only other Admin access on the website,  ( yet never learned to do anything on it)  and he removed my admin acess. So I removed my Alt next time I logged in. I was upset he had lied, and I undestand the security reason why, but they were were supposed to have known me better.

I then find out that was accused of changing the notes of some of the people before I left to rude things., which was odd, because a) i didnt, not my style, and b) why would I do that before I was trying to do the right thing.  After I hear this accusation,  I mail the GM and say – not sure if this means anything to you,  but I’m telling you I didnt, its not my style, and I tried to do this the right way, and I didnt leave in anger – so why would I.

Last night : 2 weeks after I get a reply along the lines of,   ” you were a good officer so I will take your word, but I will try and quell the rumours”  There is one person who made those rumours, and he has the GM’s ear, and is a contributing reason as to why I felt it was time to leave.  But the damage has already been done. What is more upsetting is that these people were people i spent more hours with from August untill i /gquit then I did with friends in family – in raids – in quests, On vent ect ect..    and before I gquit I had to ask myself was I prepared to lose so many ‘friends’  and had to consider the definition of a friend.  They werent my ‘friends’ or they wouldnt had belived that I did that – there was no loyalty, and its a pity they are for the most good people,  its just the lines of an E friend and a RL friend sometimes just cant cross over, and its a pity that Gquitting meant that the time spent with them was a waste of time – but after reading everyone elses sob storys on Guild relations I figuired my money – if I wasnt happy. Quit.

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