Bg’s and QQing

I like playing Bg’s – I like playing fair BGs where there is a decent battle between both sides  and the winner Doesnt take 3 min to 5 cap.  I like a challange.  I like Melting face. 

Its attack attack – Die Rez and do it all over again.. ( with as least dying as possible ) Its fun!

However  I try and stay out of the QQing in  chat.  theres always one who starts saying ” GG”  ( good going )  when we lose a flag/base.   In a WSG match this weekend someone pipes up and says ” Why werent you all going for the flag”   I thought about it for a moment and said. ” The same reason you werent”  and he is like “?”

I  explained..  “Well you must have had a reason not to go for the flag,  and we did too. eg chasing  Horde up their tunnel trying to get our flag back.”

“Why you trying to start an argument man…  ” he says.” Im not, I reply in between dot – mindblast ” But please don’t assume we aren’t trying”

I personally think its hard to organise a tactically well done BG without Vent.  The class make up – the experience level in a Bg  its all random Communication gives you a big advantage..  and thats what most trade channel premades have ( they might lose more often but they still have abetter chance then a pug if they communicate).  

Ive been in quite a few Bgs where there are no healers..   you can’t win all the time..  but what pees me off the most is the people who are always negative – and negativity is infectious – others start thinking..  oh we suck we are going to lose.. AGAIN…     I try not to bite..  Its like troll on a forum making inflamatory statements to get a reaction.

In another BG a while ago, the Nay sayer popped  up saying stuff like..  “We always lose..  Allies Suck…”, and I said ” there is one of you in every Bg  trying to put others down so you feel better..   ”  I didnt get a good response.

And I know there are some noobs – and that you need to be flexible when setting goals in a BG..   and it depends on where your attention is.    A healers attention is  – Person going down Heal..  it doesnt necessarily matter what that persons doing – unless they are dedicated flag carrier healer..   even I try and chuck sheilds up around people when they are being attacked  – Its easy for one person to sit back and  make judgements on peoples instant decisions –  tunnel vision means that if your being attacked or attacking someone..   if you break off your attack or defence because some other event happend you likely to die..  because hardly anyone comes to someone elses aid.. 

If I had time to argue with people to following comments I would say..

” Why arent you killing the flag carrier..”   ” If I had voice chat it would be …  “well  they took  cat druid form as and they speed past I dotted them and SWD them..  but because that put me in combat I couldnt mount up  to chase untill i got out of combat and by that time they had reached the tunnel.

“Why is there no defence”   Because we were following your lead and chased up to their flag point because there was no communication before the BG as to who would do what and the one person who stayed behind was a clothy and was snuck up  by a rogue and had no chance….

“Why arent I getting any heals” ( the flag carrier)   because  you took the speed buff as you were going down their tunnel and we cant run as fast as that Buff  so all we could do was chuck a sheild on you as you ran past the healers  and wish u luck.

“Why are you fighting in the middle”  Well as I was running past not only was I sheeped.. my team mates were getting hurt so I was trying to defend them, and not die myself…

I do like BGs…     I dont like some of the people in them.

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