Running Lobies through Instances – Nana runs

As a member of a raiding Guild  There is one thing I do not miss. 

“Can someone run me through VC?” / SFK / SM / DM / Gnomer ”

This was a common request – and to the most I said No.  If I did say yes – It depended on when I was available –  Eg  I will in half an hour,   I also tried to organise more people to go – “Any one else/ or  Alt want to go?”  Much more efficient and productive.

It was in instances and BGs that I learnt the most about my character  – when / what spells appropriate to use,  how they compliment other characters, and as a priest learning to drop out of Shadow and heal /dispell  when required.  I was dragged through Gnomer once by a ingame friend’s  – Friend and I hated it – I learnt nothing about the instance,  it was basically struggle to catch up and collect loot on the way –  One time I did ZG twice in a row because I did it with one group of guildys that needed it, and some others then logged on saying.. ohhhh I needed it too – I I did it again.   They thanked me,  ect ect and It was ok –  I don’t mind doing it everyone now and then, But it should not be expected that you will get lead through everything – how are you going to become good at your class?  I also had a ex guildy  of ex ex ex I ran him through VC ( dead Mines) once and he wanted a reset – so I did. He got what he wanted, and then /gquit – what a waste of my time..

I rolled on a side and a sever that none of my Real life friends were because I wanted to play – they had been playing for a year or so and were experts with ( at this time) multiple 60’s  and I wanted to try it out on my own first. 

I have another  RL friend that has 20 odd characters and only one past 40 – because he hasnt decided which one he likes best – Fair enough,  but when he logs his toons on my servers he then gets me to help or rescue him all the time.  He then says when I see him in Real life…  Oh when I log again in a few weeks on your server I’ll probably be asking for your help again – and I tell him thats not how you play – I will be unavailable when he logs next I think.

I rescued  a ingame friend, @level 58  warrior, a 64 hunter and a 68 warrior  from Stratholme the other night,  they had no idea of crowd control,  the hunter wasn’t using his traps,  the 58 hadn’t repaired and was red,  the 68 was drunk and giggling ( it was a guy ) drowning out everyone else in Voice chat – and pulling everything.

So at their levels I tried to teach them Crowd control – I explained as we went what I was doing – the tactics ect…..  – as a priest I can shackle,  So I was getting the hunter to put down slowing traps  infront of me, and I shackled pulled a harder Elite,   giving the rest of us time/and better grounds for killing the skeleton crews that are all over the instances – It was a mess At their levels I was teaching them Crowd control – I hate Stratholme: you are stuck in there untill you finish or u can hearth. It won’t let you leave the way you came.  They were gratful for the help,  but they had no idea – and that they called me for said instance to rescue them – and Im still squishy when I have no support…   I said I’ll take them through  Scholamance next time because its a little easier and I can teach them more.

Its great to know high levels,   and all little guilds say ” we have a couple of 70’s”  as if to say that they are tools for you to use for free… ”  and helping friends is always ok – Just don’r rely / or be relied on to Help them level – you will miss out on so much content  –

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