AB /Fail

Me and two guildys wanted to do some PVP so we thought we would join as a group, so we joined AB,  It started off well – I spammed my macro  We got LM and GM someone remembered to Cap ST   BS was lost  but we were ahead  – I was babysitting a node with another guildy – when an Unamed Player says ” You guys suck I should have found a pug”   I’m like :   We are a pug –  ” Uh uh you Dath people all qued together  ( there were 5 Dath and 3 of us were from my Guild)

Now mind you we were ahead at this point.  We were doing ok – we just needed to hold it together.  And this qq’er decided to argue  we tried to assure him that it was only us three that qued together and he ranted and raved in Chat.   ” Your welcome to leave”   I finally say But no He wouldnt leave because he had qued with 2 others of his own  server ( he made the raid leader put them all in same group)  and its a bit hard to say Pot calling kettle black when  your trying to win a BG

So we encouraged him to stay Dead, and had the raid leader put him in his own group. Maybe not the best approach but the moment he qq’d the BG lost spirit – and its a bit hard to fix that when your the one being accused of causing the problem. – That a premade of 3  (lol) would effect the outcome of a BG so much – 2 of us were gaurding a node, and the other was the top healer the BG – we were doing the right thing.. and he stuffed it.

We didnt stay ahead for long  and we were a fail.

 In another Fail In w WSG match we were 2 flags to their 1 and we had control of the Horde Flag, and they had ours, so what does our flag carrier do. ( after running back to our base)   Runs alllll the way back to the horde base with the flag on her back – and trys to assist in getting our flag back.  Now this went on for 5 mins, and I was a little confused. So I questioned.. “Um why is our flag Still in the horde base”

“Because your not getting the flag back.” – As you can imagine a Mage with  a flag on her back fighting where all the horde are respawning she drops it.


Bgs are fun.  Really.

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