I had avoiding leveling my fishing because well, it was just plain boring.   All my fish would get away from me, and the idea of staring at a cog was abhorrent.  Now because Its either Farm – Level an Alt or wait around for  a raid to start,  I decided to level my fishing.

Waiting for a Boat : whip out the rod.  In shadow form I appear alloof and mysterious

Waiting to see where the nights raid is at – Camp on a canal in Stormwind and whip out your rod. ( never mind the Noobs that ask you for money oh so politely. )  ect ect..

Its soothing somewhat – mindless time consuming repetition which can be theaputic sometimes. Im sending all my firefins and oily blackmouths to my Alchemist to use.

However its difficult to watch a dvd on my dual screen while fishing incase I miss that Bobbing of the Cork.  but I am ever so glad the durating of ‘fishing’ has been reduced to 10 secs I think then the 30 odd it used to be.  The only thing keeping me sane is listening to my music or My guilds vent.

S0 161 Fishing,  Im off to the barrens next to get some Deviant Fish-

I just want to level fishing for the Fish  for fishsticks and Water Motes as an extra Gold Making Venture.

1 Response to “Fishing”

  1. 1 Nuetralise March 11, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    hehe my fishing is still at 300 from pre-bc on both my toons 😦

    Unfortunately I really couldn’t be bothered doing it but you make a good point, I really should just “whip it out” when I’m not doing anything else

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