In Serpent Shrine Cavern.

I was invited to SSC Last night for the 1st time, and I did alot better then I thought I would. I wasn’t as familar with the fights as I should have been,  ( had only glanced at Wow Wiki right before Raid, and I was trying to read more inbetween pulls, I got the basic Idea, 

The first Boss we did was the Lurker Below   – We had less mages then we needed apparently – the idea being that we cc’d one of the Coilfangambushers/Guardians on each of the platform and 2 assigned people on the platform took  care of the other.  The fight  can be tricky – you need to jump into water at intervals to stop being struck by like a water Jet from the Lurker – but while your in the water you get like 500 Damage every 3 seconds.    The fight was the longest I’ve been in, but there is a Rythm, and a wonderful add called Bigwigs and with an awesome raid leader we pulled it off.  I was lucky enough to be one of the few DPS casters ( and only shad Priest) So I got Lootz!  Velvet Boots of the Guardian, 

Next boss and also one wipe later  Morogrim Tidewalker – we had a tank DC 2 min into the fight,  but I am proud to say that my group were full health at the time we wiped ( we got him to 22% 1st shot) and that fight became the Longest ever, with  me trying to balance,  my Vamp Touch,  My Vamp Embrace,  and DPS.   So Mana/Health and Damage..    Use all cool downs at the right spot. 

He didnt drop anything for me, but it was a fun and intense fight!

So after Getting the Mindblade from Prince Last week..   ( yeah for saving more mats for Soulfrost)  and my new boots…  I now have 1051 Shad Damage or there abouts unbuffed..    *jumps up and down excitedly.

I now need the Belt of Blasting and then Im well on my way to being an awesome Shadow Priest.  I checked Gankbang and the top Shad Priest thats registered is  1322 + Shadow Damage on my server. ( both factions) and across all realms 1434 + shadow damage.    Im number 14 on the realm for Shad Damage on Gankbang, however you need to add your character manually so thats probably not accurate.

I also Checked Wow Metrics – and that seems even worse out of date.  Top Shadow Damage on that for Dath’remar is  1190

and Armory Stats seems just as useless…  but has more people listed then Wow Metrics..

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  1. 1 Nuetralise March 14, 2008 at 1:38 am

    GOGO Zah!

    I checked my shadow gear the other day and I’m sitting at 950dmg. I need to enchant everything and I have about 7 / 8 empty sockets 😦

    I think we’re running TK tonight to get some new kids their vials, so I may respec shadow and have some fun 🙂

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