Long Haul – Long weekend – Shadoweave

In a bid to save money for my house deposit – Yes I know wrong time in current Market – but its a dream to be reality..  I stayed home this long weekend and  ( besides family) and I played lots of WOW However it was a very expensive weekend on WOW –

Got my fishing to  256 – ( I have been fishing in Zangarmarsh with a +100 Aquadynamic attachamebob.)  but Giving away/donating any decent fish to guild bank 

Leveled my Mage Alt to 50 and got her to train her Alchem to over 300 in Honour Hold ( brought a port to shatt- and free flight to Honour hold !) 

and… in a delicate mix of farming Mats / Selling items produced / disenchanting items produced I managed  to Speed Leveled Tailoring to 357 – Shadowweave Specialist.  (It was 4am when I leveled to pick a spec and I picked spellfire 1st  and made my spellfire triggering the cooldown in error.  and had to pay 150 G to unlearn, and then 20 more to learn Shadowweave  / cry )

I have made the Shoulders –  ( thats 10 primal water  and 4 Shadowcloth plus some Nether Spidy Silk )

So I used my cloth proc and more money for the primals to make the shadowcloth, and brought 2 more cloth to make it. .

I then had to spend a heap on arcane tomes  to get more scyer tokens for the shoulder slot enchancement.

I want the three set.  Im going to lose alot of Stamina. But – the set bonus will mean I can more comfortably drop improved Vampiric Embrace – and free up 2 talent points – I don’t think the set bonus of healing causes argo – it will also make my Shadow Damage alot higher.  Im at 1020 with Just the shoulders.

(3) Set: Your Frost and Shadow damage spells heal you for 2% of the damage they deal.

 Also did some PVP – Help a few friends on various things – A full Kara Clear and 1 complete herioc – and another one that we couldn’t finish because it was being reset. ( yes it was early in the morning our time. )

 So the various things I did to make Gold this weekend –

Made and Sold 4 mystic spellthreads  ( The Mats are basically 5 primal Mana’s  and Runic thread as its a rep based recipe.  for around 90 G and

Made and sold 10 imbued netherweave 18 slot bags for around 30 G each. these prices are undermarket – but i needed them sold so I could buy more netherweave cloth/bolts to continue speedleveling –  I farmed the Silk in trekkor so I didnt have to buy it.

Sold my Spellstrike cloth that I had made in error.

Made some Sporling Snacks ( pet  +stam food ) from extremly cheap strange spores off the AH and sold some of them there werent any on the AH but I sold 10 for 5gish 

Vendored all my greys from farming – paid for repairs and then plus some.

Sold some Blackened Basilisks

And the coin that drops off humanoids.

 I also got an epic leatherworking pattern which I still need to sell..  my GM wants it and Im at a lost for what to ask for ..  Wowhead said 1000 buy out..   which would give me the cash to finish leveling tailoring….   but how much of a discount do u give the Gm..  when I realllly need the cash – and everytime I get a really good drop someone always ‘needs’ it – oh i have to have that….  Next time I think I’m just gonna be quite and sell it on Ah..   then I might get my epcic Flyer 😛

1 Response to “Long Haul – Long weekend – Shadoweave”

  1. 1 erie3746 March 25, 2008 at 4:10 am

    FSW set will greatly increase your Raid Viability – it’s like T4. with the bonus shadow dmg you whouldn’t have to use mp5 consumables at all – you can go all dmg (major shadow dmg elixir/basilisk food/or pure death flask) and not worry about mana regen being an issue at all. You won’t upgrade out of it until well into TK/SSC. Also making your spellstrike set outta that extra spellcloth will help you too (the pants/helm set) and i am making the whitemend set outta my PM for my offset for healing. There are TONS you can do as a tailor – good choice on the set bonus though even if it lowers you a little bit the combination is well worth it. Check out http://www.shadowpriest.com – my Godsend!

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  • Gah - the Great Vault ring would have been an upgrade if it didn’t have a bonus when dealing fire damage, for a shadow priest :( 1 day ago
  • Don’t forget Nat’s drinking hat with a +8 to fishing and +10 lure a little better then what you can get for professions/ lures 3 days ago
  • The Tuskarrs have left an extraordinary amount of tackle-boxes around the waterways. 4 days ago
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