Donating to the Guild Bank

I have a real life philosophy – I would rather donate time/Materials then lend or Give cash. The Same now applies to wow.

My donations to guild bank are sporatic – In the guild I was an officer in, I would throw some gold in every week or so, spare mats that were useful,  greens, blues ect ect..  If I took an item which I did probably twice for personal use,  I would throw in some gold to compensate.  We were suddenly collecting reasonable coin,  items, alot of crap, but people where gradually adding some gold to the bank.  But nothing was ever discussed as to the use of the funds.  Then the Gm was lending? / spending  huge chunks of the money without officer discussion ( not including Tab purchase) , his perogative yes,  my money..   well not anymore – it wasnt long after that I gquit

Because Im now on my 3rd guild this year, and one that I hope is ‘home’ I am reluctant to keep donating Gold.  Ive thrown a 50g chunk in,  but the rest of my donations have been mats/things they use.   The difference is that the guild generates its own money from drops in Guild runs.  We do a Kara Clear, all the greens/shards go to bank.  Same for any rare patterns that aren’t BOP and leather in SSC and TK –  The Guild also will supply oils/food/flasks for Guild runs if they are required for boss fights. These are purchased  by the things dropped from guild runs.  Money is useful for everyone,    but If I make More spelloil and don’t need to sell it for cash, Ill donate some,  My fishing in Zanger, and the daily cooking quest has netted me usable raid fish,  Ive cooked and donated that, small things of value or use but as often as I can afford.

One thing that would be interesting to consider would be instead of donating gold – or a loot tax – what about a Guild Farm hour. Eg on Sunday 1 hour before a raid, teams are dispatched to farm particular things of value. Herbalists go on a herbal run, ect ect… miners.. everyone else, on Primals, or Crafting mats ect ect… It could be a regular group and guild event, its team building, stick an officer in each group ect

Besides Guilds being rife with corruption – stories include Officers doing a ninja on the bank contents. The Gm doing a Ninja on the whole guild, people posing as officer alts ect ect, slack guild bank controls because the Gm didnt set it up properly. Most of its preventable, some of its just too many eggs in one basket – some of it is that crap happens. It makes me wary of donating anything I don’t want to lose to a Guild bank.

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