Wow declares War…

Wow Declars War against automated Play as reported in my State paper ( well the online version.  )

Blizzard is taking a Bot producer to Court – their arguments are sound and the figures quoted are that ” over 100,000 have bought Glider, according to Donnelly”
I’ve been in a few Bg’s where you see people who Bot, and have felt frustrated and annoyed and the only thing left to do is report them AFK – and encourage others to do so.
We found an interesting bot the other day in a game of Eos – and it would always run to the action, and so would then get involve itself in PVP by doing an Aoe – and then continue running and Aoeing – there was no variation to game play – could this have been a rather dumb player? – No. Didnt respond to tells / Bg messages ect .. and the final test One of our pallys ( semi Guild premade ) cast their Divine intervention which stops all harm and any action for 3 mins on this person -( very useful in Boss fights with a long run back – it does however kill the Pally ) its quite simple to remove – click it off. The bot never clicked it off – when three min was up it went back to Aoeing.

for one I really dont want to have to worry in every bg about reporting Afkers – but its a necessary evil, and what peeves me off the most is that they are often the best geared.
Blizzard is slowley changing that. They have to becareful as it could lead to miss use.
Eg in Some Semi premades the premade component report Everyone thats not one of them as Afker – so 5 reports ( Im not sure how many it takes.. but 5 would be a significant number ) if you forget to click off/enter Pvp your marked as Afker no honour, and another in an AV yesterday someone did an Emote /e has reported u Afk type /afk to disable – this orange text made me look at my buffs and I’m like huh – and then Doh! besides the using of U instead of you – it was a pretty lame blow. Everyone sees the emote and thinks it applys to you – and maybe follows intructions – hence going Afker and causing more people to report.

and its sad to think that Blizzard has to dedicate time – and fixes to try and stop people from exploiting the game.
at the basic and truest level. Its not fair.
and Blizzards quote rings so true.
“Glider use severely harms the WoW gaming experience for other players by altering the balance of play, disrupting the social and immersive aspects of the game, and undermining the in-game economy.”

Someone who can farm an resourse 24/7 can set their own price – generating more gold what the article doesn’t explore is perhaps the link to Goldsellers or the likely hood of goldsellers in utilising this tool.

the sadder thing is that people will and pay for this tool.
Our guild was ‘forced’ or more encouraged to PVP untill we got the 2min dispell trinket. Its essential for a Mount Hyjal boss who entombs you and damage ticks – you can only escape with this trinket and we had to have the 2 min cool down. Many of the guildys who hate pvp and have no Pvp gear had to painfully grind it. I had it as I love my Bg’s but I can see how something painfull such as some Pvp – farming ect ect where a bot would be useful. But it defeats the whole entire purpose of the game.
To Play…

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