Feedback – and a Raid finally..

So Im finally in a raid.  We are in the middle of killing trash on the way to Fathom Lord.

I was signed up for raid for Al’ar and I get a tell 1/2 an hour before raid starts – After we do FLK can you sub out for Al’ar?”  when we go fro SSC to TK  I reply ” – I guess”  and she said ” Well if you would prefer to have the night off?” I said ” Ive had 3 weeks off – am just greatful for a raid.” “Well to be blunt she adds – you need to be able to do more DPS then the Tanks”   I’m like ” well thanks for being honest – thats the first feedback I’ve had EVER – and only one of my fights was posted on WWS – ”  and that fight I was 15th on the list – and I’ve blogged why I think that was so – I have a tendancy to heal.  I’m not going to do that tonite.. gonna worry less about VE and VT and worry more about me

So Im getting a run tonight – to test out all my new improvements over the last three weeks – She then apologised and said its a problem the officers have they all assume someone else will tell someone when it comes to giving feedback.

and Im in the run – and I have time to write because we started 15 min late. People are Dc’ing – being AFK  ect ect.   but now im getting a runthrough of the fight..  so lets see how this goes…


Well he is dead.. and he dropped 3 priest tokens.. and I rolled 4th  😦  Oh well – but an upside is I get to have a go at Al’ar now because everyones have DC issues –  I tried to leave the raid but they said no.. stay.. unless you have other plans..  I will be interested in the WWS for this fight – I would have preferd to have done my ‘test’ against a boss I know..  but ANY raid is good at this point.  Does it sound desperate..  yes..    I’m peeved that i didnt get feedback  thats supposed to be the Class leader  not some bitchy random comment because I pushed an issue and pointed out that I have been patient…  Ive not qq’d  and I’ve been improving……   

– and that it wasnt mentioned that my Trial Raids were good, and the one WWS they guild published was crap and now since they have been raiding TK and SSC for weeks they all have the right gear, and I’m not there yet.  If i get a bad mark for this raid.  Frack em…  really.   Its going to be a pity to have to downgrade a guild,  but if dropping to a less progressed guild means that i get to raid at my level then its better for me. That means I should do some scouting – and see who’s recuiting Shadow priests on the server.  

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