So the stats were released from fathom Lord. I was 11th.   Im not sure that’s enough…   dont care..

Currently Im laying dead at the feet of void reaver because i copped three  hits in a row.. without void reaver alarm.  Please fix the add on!…. and well  since I was told to run back and start with the rest of the group..  at the front rather then spreading out.. which i figired since we dont have an alarm would be safer and i proved that by surviving the 1st wipe..   I couldnt get to the free spot I wanted intime.. and therefore started DPS  differntly to where i planned..  and 3 hits later by his balls..  well   I’m gone.

so eventually we all  wiped.. SO..  from 830-1230ish..   we killed 1 boss..  1 boss.. and they werent learning bosses..  these are on ‘farm’    but due to dc’s and oter crap..   was it a waste of time.. maybe..  has it changed their mind as to my prowess…    don’t care –

A person i followed from my last guild  left the current guid now tonite..  she wasnt getting enough raiding time like me..  and that was explained over vent as to why she left..  ” she didnt like the raiding sceduale”  3 weeks benchtime is not  – not liking the raiding sced..  its we don’t need/want you…     so hopefully shes left for somewhere better

Ohh.. stats for that TK run came in..     12th..   and considering i was dead in like 3 secs of the boss.. thats rather unfair..  but anyways..        K sara sara sara…..     ( or what ever it is….. )  What ever will be will be………   


1 Response to “WWS”

  1. 1 nuetralise April 13, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Aww Zah,

    Sounds like you’re going through some hard times, I hope you pull through strong .. sounds like you’ve lost a little bit of love for the game 😦

    Cheer up

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