Being An Expert just because you have an Alt of that Class

This thread in the WOW priest forums made me laugh so hard I was crying
Stupid things said to you in Group Part 2

Yes alot of the stories are priest specific, but the point I got from alot of them, is that the ‘stupid things’ said are often said by someone who proclaims – I have an Alt – I know your class better then you do. Yes there are people who are ebays or are just noobs, and didnt have a friend to help / or desire to learn about theory crafting, and I think even though WOW is a game, you do need a basic level of understanding the finer atributes of your class. EG
Priest spell hit @ 70 = 76 when you have 5/5 points in our talent tree in Shadow Focus.
Theres no tool bar help icon telling you your at your hit cap. ” Whats a hitcap?” someone may ask. I did once.
But especially at high end, if you are telling someone how to play their class.. You are either Dead wrong – and if you are wrong then you need to be able to listen to that persons explainations and discuss it.
or Unfortunaly dead right and then that person needs to listen to your story. But if your at level 70 running a heroric, and a Hunter in the instance doesn’t have feign death toolbarred, and when you ask why says “whats feign death?” then you need to make an executive decision, and bow out of what ever instance you were doing – or Group Kick.

But either way there are ways of diplomatically saying – Why don’t you do this.. instead of proclaiming I’m an expert because you might be wrong. Did you read all the other classes patch notes for 2.4 ? I only skimmed them. – As a priest I’ve had questions, about my Inner Fire Armour Buff ” Can I have it?” No.. and I explain.. Self buff. ” Do you have Spirit” No – its Talent tree specific, ” Before when doing Nightbane, and befor the change in 2.4 that my Antifear ward was costing me 800 odd mana to go back into shadow form each time I had to cast as it used to be a holy spell- and thats more of an effect to game play, that a person who doesn’t play that class may not know, and they should be understanding of the consequences. If the raid leader goes, acknowledged, then lets try this.. or moves me into a group with a Shaman and mana totem, than they lets me do what they need, and offsets my mana loss.
Its a learning experience, and I guess this is where age and experience comes in, if someone is acting like a 12 year old having a tantrum. /pat and leave, but you should have a basic understanding of all classes and abilities, but it doesn’t mean that you can use each of them to max effect.

Z will always be my main. Just from the sheer amount of hours invested. I don’t think I will ever know another class as intimatley. I have an Mage and Hunter Alt, and they have given me an understanding, but they are ‘speed leveled’ which is rather popular now.. I’m doing minimal instances I’m just questing with them when my rest bars are blue for the double xp, or leveling up professions on them to be of use. For my mage at least, when she gets to 70 – thats when I will start to really learn how to use her in BG’s – and Runs but Im not going to be so stupid to run her into a Heroic in greens- so I have opinions on how the classes can be used, but I am not as familar with the theory craft on their specs/class. ( but Hey I didnt even know you could put Jems of other colours into sockets untill 2 days ago.. ) So Wow is an on going learning experience, BUT – not knowing something that gets other people killed.. BAD!!

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  1. 1 Heather April 23, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    For some people, however, our “alts” are level 70 and we may be just as knowledgeable about that class as what you may perceive as our “main”. If I am on my level 67 warlock and talking to a random PUG priest, there’s no way they know that when I say I have a priest alt that it’s really my main raiding toon, and I actually do know what I’m talking about.

    There are just as many stupid responses to valid requests as stupid requests, in my experience.

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