Raiding – Stressful?

I started thinking about endgame pressure in Kara

What Pressure?
People have talked about what makes a good raider, but I think One word covers it all.


When you sign up you are signing up for a nites of contracted and concentrated raiding.
Most guilds raid from around 8-30ish to 11-12ish at least 3 nights a week, I had some social Calander adjustments to make when I first started doing Kara.
It started with Every Friday night….. – “What! – but I go out on friday nights after work… ”
Then it became” If we want to progress we need to do more then one night, lets clear the easy stuff the Night before ” What! Thursday night thats Shopping night..”
Then it was ” We could try what we haven’t cleared on Saturday night.. ” What! – but but but.. Things have much improved, and I in moderation, Raiding is also saving me money.. not as many 20 Buck Club Cover charges anymore ..

My current guild raids upto 5-6 nights, If we have the numbers we will raid. Saturday nights are more for 10 mans Like Kara and ZA, with Wed Thur and Friday our main raiding nights split between Hyjal, TK, and SSC. Sunday and Monday is random.

So what are the stresses that can be involved in raiding.

Will you get home from work in time?
Will you have time to cook dinner.. or should you pick up something on the way?
Have you repaired?
Are you the right Spec?
Do you have consumables?
Do you have enough reagents for steady raiding
Are you Flagged ?
Is the Cat or dog fed ( trust me a Hungry cat trying to jump on your keyboard to get attention on a boss fight is not fun!)
Who will put the kids to bed? ( if applicable)
Are you getting Partner Agro. ( Your raiding again! – Wheres my quaility time…?)
Where is your Mobile Phone – home phone are they in reach in case they ring or on silent..
Did you have time to read the strats for the fight
Did you read the Guild Forums in case something is mentioned
Are you wearing clothes that are comfortable for you to wear for long periods
Have you updated your important add ons like Omen or Deadly Boss mods
Does your mic work?
Did you take care of other important functions before sitting down to raid
Do you have clean clothes for work tomorrow?
Did you do your house cleaning
Have a drink in easy reach – Water ect ect.. ( must maintain Hydration during high periods of stress)

And after allllllll of that… A Whisper comes…
Where are you? ” Do you need a summons”
How many times Have I told you to be prepared…

1 Response to “Raiding – Stressful?”

  1. 1 Softi May 22, 2008 at 7:16 am

    That is the reason I have stopped raiding for a while – I just cant do that AND all my real life responsibilities without it taking its toll on me!

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