Things I wish I knew when I was a noob.


I have fond memories playing wow for the first time, running round lost in Elwynn forest, following streams and lakes and running into all sorts of strange creatures that chased me and killed me.
I became very familiar with the paths back to Goldshire, and learnt that a particular break in the road fence meant I was only a little way from there, or not to go down that stream because I would end up in a place with some very dangerous beasts. Running around as a ghost was safer, they couldn’t kill you, but sometimes using your mini map to locate your body when your exploring territory can get quite confusing. Why?
I didn’t know about M for Map. ( it was christmas day – and I didnt want to read the instructions.. )

Rolling a new toon, on a new server, with no financial support has been rather interesting, and I’ve been able to look back at my early days, and my Warrior.. ( shes a level 12 now.. ) and use my experience.

So my advice for Lobies who don’t have a sugar mama or dadda to help you
1. M is for Map – Use it. Trying to navigate Stormwind, or any area without this Key running round in circles is not fun.
2. Do not waste your precious copper and silver ( your nowhere near gold yet.. ) money on buying the white gear that vendors in start up areas often sell. When you have been picking up any scrap of clothing of the dead carcasses you kill, a piece of white armour or weapon or shield looks like a mighty big upgrade. Its not. Its a rip off – they are shonkey.
3. Pick up Gathering professions as soon as you can afford the 9 copper a piece ( you get two) . I would recommend Skinning and Mining. – Low level herbs aren’t worth much for stacks on the AH ( well at least lately.. ) Where as stacks of Light Leather and Copper Ore will sell for Gold. Yes Gold. Activate your Mineral finding icon ASAP.. and seriously Mine and Skin everything you can. People leave alot of carcasses behind.
4. The Auction House is your friend. I find Auctioneer very useful just for the viewing and scanning of prices. It will help you determine price averages on items you put on there, and it also squashes the listings so you can see more at once: Using it – sell in either singles, or neat stacks, my experience is people often only need 1 or 2 of something, or want to buy in bulk, Eg 5’s 10’s 20’s not 13 or 17 of an item, unless there is nothing else listed. – Look for bargain price upgrades, Some people don’t know how to use the AH or don’t do research to see what price other items like what they are selling are selling for, and sometimes Will just throw anything on there really cheap. Some people recommend not buying anything off the AH as a way of saving money, but I like living. But be frugal. Is it really an upgrade? – Don’t bother buying blue items if your going to outgrow it in 10 levels, they cost a lot more. You can also get alot of cheap basic level items which make your life easy. People off load minor healing and mana pots for next to nothing, as well as items they need to make for leveling a crafting skill – you can get cheap Jewellery, Strength pots, armour, ect ect.. but only buy if it really is an upgrade.
5. Learn First aid – The price of Linen is often very cheap, and won’t sell well. Your better off using it to level your first aid no matter what class – Once you start getting Silk drops you will find that it will sell better on the AH
6. Learn to fish and Cook. There are quite a few low level recipes that give you a ‘well fed’ food buff eg for extra stamina If you cook them yourself its easy, and everything helps right?
7. Get as Many flight points as soon as possible, even in areas that are a little high for you. It will make it alot easier when you are doing run around quests and you need to hop on a bird everywhere
8.Bag space is important. Check out the AH for cheap bags before buying from a vendor its often cheaper to get there from the AH as people level Tailoring with them and just want to make some money.
9. Talk to a Guard to find out where things are… When you ask a Guard where something is he puts a little red flag on your map. ( M for Map.. 😛 ) and you can locate it.
10.Don’t try and sell Green items on the trade channel no one buys them.
11. Signing Guild charters is a great way of making money. I wouldn’t recommend staying in the guild though, ( I wonder if there are stats as to how many guilds fail. ) If you don’t know anyone personally on your server You don’t need a guild till around level 12ish, and then you will have seen a lot more people, maybe grouped with people by then and will have a better idea of who you want to play with.
12. You don’t have to train everything a trainer offers you. Its a good idea to get all of it later on, but read the skills, and if you can’t see that you will use it, don’t get it now. Save a little money
13. Don’t give beggers money, or buy some pretty female toon that new Sword she wants. They are either kids, or someone who is delibertly manipulating people.

thats most of the main things for now.

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