Abusive Raid Leaders

This is Short – and I quote Lurcher  from the Dath’remar Realm forums for this gem

Q u o t e:

To follow any leader who tries to ‘inspire’ with abuse suggests a player values
purple pixels over self respect. Don’t put up with it. It’s a game, have fun,
and tell abusive twits exactly where to shove it.

I like that…   

7 Responses to “Abusive Raid Leaders”

  1. 1 thcgirl77 May 29, 2008 at 7:35 am

    I have to disagree on that. Some raid leaders can get abusive and yell or curse because the raid members can`t follow simple instructions and the man gets angry. So if a bad player feels abused because of his own mistakes and stupidity, then it`s only his own problem.

  2. 2 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog May 29, 2008 at 9:31 am

    You missed the meaning of the whole quote… ” leaders who inspire with abuse.” it isnt talking about the raid leader who loses his cool once on a single player.. Its talking about the raid leaders that instill fear into the raid, act tyranical. Raid leading is not an easy task, but I expect it to be done professionally and without a tirade of abuse, you might get the boss killed once.. but thats not how you make a game fun…. guilds and raid leaders have been split and kicked for such behaviour, but your right about it being the players own problem.. hence to quote was to empower such an individual to not accept abuse and move on.

  3. 3 Gloria May 29, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Haha, it’s true. There’s such a huge difference between going, “Yeah guys, we can do this.” and saying, “You all suck, learn how to do this or I’ll think of new and creative ways to insult you.”

  4. 4 benzeri May 30, 2008 at 12:16 am

    ive been reading your blog for a while and havent as yet posted anything on it but this one hit home because of a Mag pug the other week.

    i am RL for my guild but we usually only run Mag/Gruuls about twice a month for people that still need stuff outta there and a guildie of mine asked me if i wanted in a pug mag run. i dont like pugging but its nice to go to a raid that someone else is running for a change and just be a raider again.

    as soon as i get in their vent i knew there were going to be problems. aparently they had already wiped twice and the raid lead was in the process of yelling at the top of his lungs about the healers not keeping him healed. (he was the MT in bout half blues and no more than 2 T4 pieces) he got done with them and starts in on the other tanks for the summoners being too close to each other and healing. so since i join vent he has yelled profanitys and threatened to kick his 2 most important classes tanks/healers. we do another pull and wipe again because he drags mag right on top of one of the cubes and the clicker and his back up gets one shotted and blast wave takes us all out. he freaks out on the clickers. one guy says screw you and leaves, he is imeadiately followed by about 10 others, tanks/healers/dps he goes out and starts shouting for more to join the raid to replace those he lost. someone starts giving him advice and he totally takes it the wrong way and says that if they dont like how its going and cant do their job he can repalce them too. me and my guildie decide we’ve had enough and leave too.

    i find out later this guy is the guild lead for his guild. every raid ive ran since then i bring this guy up as the best example of the worst kind of raid lead and i remind my folks that it could be alot worse somewhere else.

    a quote i use: it is not a matter of breaking eggs to make a omelette, it is the eggs breaking themselves to achieve omelettehood

  5. 5 Avonar June 1, 2008 at 9:55 am

    I’m glad I’ve always had fairly nice raid leaders. Occasionally I’ve thought things might have gone a bit better/faster if he’d cracked down, but life went on and we all remained friends. Now that I’ve made the step up to a slightly more hardcore guild, there’s more swearing and yelling – yet, even if it just comes the next day, there’s still constructive criticism behind it.

    The problem is that when you get to end game, sometimes you do have to crack down. It does get a bit more serious. This article, called “Raid leaders are jerks” makes quite a bit of sense to me, curious as to your take. http://www.massively.com/2008/04/15/player-vs-everything-raid-leaders-are-jerks/

  6. 6 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog June 1, 2008 at 10:58 am

    I agree that you can’t always be the nice guy if you are raid leader, and to be honest, I don’t want the job, and the higher up, the more pressure to suceed, and the more complicated the fights. Machiavelli who is refered to in the Raid leaders are jerks article does have some interesting ideas in The Prince.. Its better to be feared then loved. People forget the reason why he wrote the book. He wrote it as advice for his leader, and it wasn’t well received. He also wrote the discources which was a completly differnt tone. I just can’t see me having fun in something where I need to be afraid, for sucess. I like sucess we downed Boss 4 in Hyjal the other night, and the trash is harder then the boss. It was such a rush when he died.. we did it.. But as an adult, who pays for my own internet, and game subcription, who plays a game because its fun, the moment i need to be yelled at puts playing a game on a whole new level..

  7. 7 megan June 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Interesting, but here’s the flipside of the coin:


    Can be summed up as “Why Raid Leaders Don’t Need Children”.

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