What Is Warcraft Inspiring you to do?

In the Tech Section of My Australian Daily Paper ( online ) I found an Piece by Marty Toohey writing from the New York Times As anything WOW related in Media it drew my attention
WOW: How I kicked the Habit

What I get from the article is that he didnt really kick the habit, he doesn’t seem to have ever had one, the so called how I kicked the habit title would have been better off replaced wwith ” I don’t want to play WOW.”
Fair Enough, and maybe its not his fault as to the title, but short of it being a warning to others to beware an addiction, and that you might meet new friends and people ( attend their weddings.. ) , I’m not sure what the general purpose of the Article was. He himself says that he is a “touch Obessive-compulsive” and perhaps given that he is best off avoiding WOW in fear that it will “Suck his life away” on general principle, but that could be said about any Video Game / Tv Show, Board Game.. well anyform of entertainment..

But the one idea in that article I liked, and I wish he had explored more, was that he likened WOW fans to Star Trek Fans – ( A brief Survey with my Guild found out that some of them Hate Star Trek – Some did not like Firefly – and some listen to Maroon 5 ) so So much for the Geek labels…. )

“Star Trek and World of Warcraft have a lot in common. Both started with niche audiences and their fans carry a similar nerd stigma.”
” Star Trek gives a window into the Generation that embraced it The show resonated among its fans by presenting a vision of a better future, capturing and amplifying one of the themes of the 1960s.
Many people now working in the sciences – working to improve the world – say Star Trek sparked their professional interest early in life.”

Repeat… ” Star Trek Sparked Their Professional Interest early in life.”

What is Warcraft Inspiring you to do Professionaly?

Not alot in my current line of work that earns my bread.
But I carried my Management experience in real life over to when I was an officer,
I look at preparing for a raid like I am preparing for a meeting, and being ‘aware’ in the raid as like paying attention to a meeting or a presentation that requires my participation, learning to listen and think critically, being situationally aware of whats going on, and my role, and among other things its reinforced problem solving , research, creative thinking, perserverance, determination, goal setting, Saving money, Forward planning ect ect ect ect…

Its also done things for my creativity, which eventually is where I would like to be be earning my bread.
This Blog has got me to write, I’ve written some fan fiction, rewrote some song Lyrics,
Because of Warcraft and one of my Guild’s Website I made through Guildportal I’ve had reason to refresh on Html, Want to learn CSS, Explore other image editing tools like Gimp, read forums…. While I’m not making Cakes with Warcraft themes, if anything its given me a idea to focus some ‘creativity’ on

But in 5 years time will I be able to look back and say.. ” Warcraft sparked a professional interest… ” Maybe. Ideally I would like to be Game Story Writer, its hard to get into, and you don’t necessarily need to have game building experience from the technical side, but an understanding as to what goes on well I have that.. But I’m probably better off writing a book that becomes a game.

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