As great men ( or Women) say nothing

We lost a player from our guild today, he did it nicely, politely said goodbye.  He didnt give all his reasons,  and within 5 min of quitting he had found another home,

Now I know he had not been getting raids, or a raid only when we were desperate for Warlocks, and from the looks of it no one had said anything to him as to why,

The Class leader posts on the forum today a list of things wrong with the current bunch of warlocks, with a ” you know what refers to you”  now given that we had just lost another raiding warlock to a server transfer , I’m sure that there would have been other ways to address any misgivings rather then such a generalised post the the remaining 2 or 3 players that weren’t the Class leader,  and yes he did say to speak to him on vent in response to his post if they wanted to.  How generous.

But the Guy we lost today, was a nice person, was friendly, eager to help, and Very Patient.  He had good gear, was available at most raid times,   but maybe, he like I do – or did was just missing the right kind of advice to make him better.  My Road to improvement has come in stages, and its still going, and what keeps me from hitting the people  over the head who have stepped up and gave me some advice is that they were right, I did need improvement.  I actually can’t believe how patient he was – the weeks of waiting, he waited longer then I did, or will ever.

The higher we level, the more elite we become, are we getting scared to give practical advice? I can see the Field of so called Elite becoming smaller as the expansion comes, more pressure to perform well, and people who find other elites will band together and rally, and exclude anyone that doesn’t  fit their profile.  This can be right, as the saying goes..  ‘ The weakest link… ‘  but by not saying anything they can cripple themselves,  hence now we don’t have enough available warlocks to do Mags.

I’ve titled this post so – because I was not blind,   I knew that he wasn’t raiding and he wanted to,  but it was never my place to ask why not,  I’m not an officer,  nor was it my place to raise the doubt in his eyes that he  wasn’t impressing the right people, because then he might say” How do i do that.. ” I couldnt help as I don’t know warlocks. I really hope he is happier elsewhere,  but worry should I who saw this comming have said something to anyone?

I did BT the other night with my new cast Bar Quartz and am now having to adapt to the ‘speed’ of casting which feels like I’ve had 2 haste drums popped near me.  But my Dps has improved alot.  I just need to make sure I stick to cast sequence and rebind some Keys  – next goal is to out dps my class leader, even when he is in ‘better’ gear. 

Another thing of Note, my Alt is now in outlands getting Killed alot in Hellfire, and almost level 60 now.  A couple of people from my Raiding guild know I have an Alt of that level now, and they asked Do you want an invite to the Guild – I’ve said no.  I’m happy with my place in the raiding guild and I only want my Raiding Toon in there.,  I am happy doing my own thing with my Mage alt, and given my feelings at the moment.  I want to keep my raiding toon Seperate from the rest of the game.


3 Responses to “As great men ( or Women) say nothing”

  1. 1 Cynra June 5, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    I’m not sure if I agree with the comment:

    I’ve titled this post so – because I was not blind, I knew that he wasn’t raiding and he wanted to, but it was never my place to ask why not, I’m not an officer, nor was it my place to raise the doubt in his eyes that he wasn’t impressing the right people, because then he might say” How do i do that.. ”

    I’m of the opinion that if you’re a member of a guild, you have a voice. Now, that voice might lack the clout to make a difference, but if you’re a contributing member of positive standing that has been there for some amount of time I honestly feel that you should have the flexibility and confidence to open your mouth and say, “Hey, something’s going on here that might bite us in the ass.” In your case, you ended up losing what looked like a nice, dedicated individual who may have been an asset to your guild.

    I’m a big promoter of communication within a guild. You shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t bring up an acceptable topic. How else do you prevent things like this from happening again?

  2. 2 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog June 6, 2008 at 3:09 am

    I agree with you when it comes to communication, I wish the officers had been, I guess more honest with him, as to his performance, and the need for his class if he wasn’t required for a raid, it would have saved him alot of time, and bother, But some could say he could have taken the hint – if you aren’t getting feedback, ask for it, and unfortunetly I can see it happening again, but this time it involves me. We have three Raiding shadow priests, and while a 25 man might take 2 Its a rare raid that uses or requires 3, if anything its made me want to be one of those who goes, its been part of my drive to improve, but that someone has to miss out, given that we are progression raiding, I don’t want to sit out for someone else, and its not just about loot, of course I want a shot at something if it drops, its a challange, its the stress, its the being part of the accomplishment, and I have been in his shoes. 3 weeks of no raid invites so I pushed the point and got feedback, and a point of improvement to start on, I still think that anything I could have said about him to the officers, or to him would have caused drama.
    So how do I fix that? – If an opportunity for officer comes up I’ll take it…

  3. 3 Cynra June 9, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    That’s disappointing to hear! It’s difficult being in a guild or raid where you might not be needed; fortunately, I took the easy (and for me the preferred route!) by sticking Holy throughout my entire time on my main priest.

    And I can absolutely agree with is a major drive to raiding: the thrill of raiding, whether it’s acquiring new loot, downing new bosses, working together, experiencing a challenge, or even just taking the opportunity to hang out with friends every week. I love the challenges of raiding (specifically in pitting oneself against a boss and not the hassles of guild drama, thank-you-very-much!) and I really missed it when I start cutting back on the amount of time I raided.

    I hope things look better for you. And, seriously, getting feedback was probably the best thing you can do. If there are areas of improvement that resulted in the other Shadow priests being taken over you, knowing where you need to improve is the only way of rectifying that! I wish that in my own experiences people were more forthcoming with that sort of thing; no one likes feeling like a fifth wheel and not knowing why it’s happening.

    Good luck, PP!

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