Where are all the ‘Just for Fun’ -Leveling Guilds?

I logged from my raiding Guild onto my Little Pally Alt, after a particular bad Raid, too many things going wrong, people got the craps, and I really didnt want to stick around and listen to people asking for Runs for their Raiding Alts. 

I joked in my off server – out of main guild –  Guilds Chat ” this is my holiday Realm” to escape from the demands of raiding, and they laughed,  but didnt know what I meant – none of them have seen anything but the  lower end of Kara.
I enjoy playing my Alt the world doesn’t seem so big like it did when I first leveled Z, The Auction House and Battlemasters aren’t fiends to avoid because of how confusing everything is and Its refreshing to level here and there….on a sever seperate from the rest of my gaming life with the associated challanges, shes independant.

In guild chat a really new person wanted to know what Enchanting is, and how does it work. Another Guildy was doing a DM run for the lobies and whispered me personally and asked did I want to go, while some of those things get annoying real quick, there is a freshness in that guild that is missing from a raiding guild, they have a Kara team that have just started, but they are in effect a leveling guild. A Place to stay and hang around untill your prorities change. Z’s 1st guild was like that, I stayed untill level 65, and while maybe not important to other people, I think the better side of players in gaming show up more in a leveling guild, the wanting to help people for fun, the people who have been stuck in the 30’s for months but like hanging round and doing the odd quest here and there. The gnome that keeps falling into holes ect ect… There is no engame pressure –

But most guilds don’t want to be known as a leveling guild,    they get taken advantage of, people never stay and form relationships,  people join looking for an easy ride, and thats not what I perceive a real leveling guild to be,   I think it should be a ‘home’ untill you find out what you want to do – and as long as your honest, and give as much as you get, then its fair and fun for everyone,   Its sad to see people grow up and out, but not everyone wants to be raiders.

There are a few people I still talk to from my first guild,  their friendships have lasted and for the most they are content to potter along at their own pace and still remember what its like to play for fun.


2 Responses to “Where are all the ‘Just for Fun’ -Leveling Guilds?”

  1. 1 Siddharth June 25, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Great article! It has so much in similar with my own WoW story…

    I started WoW when a long-time online friend I used to play Utopia (an online text based strategy game) with badgered me into downloading the trial. Another from our Utopia Kingdom joined.
    We got hooked and bought the game, then we proceed to form our own guild. Since then we have focused on helping people, finding new core members. We have since then found 2 great friends through wow, and when I wanted to move to a PvE server all of my friends rerolled just to be together.

    When I reached 70, I put off raiding for months because I could not find a community where joining the guild was not mandatory. I would never leave my guild. Even though I play Euro from the US and have a really hard time finding groups, even though I have terrible raid times, there is still the strong bond with my old friends. I love playing with them, helping them with quests and dungeons. When I dinged 70 we had a drunken bash! I love my friends and would stop playing this minute were it not for them.

  2. 2 bloodravens November 22, 2008 at 3:34 am

    WoW is supposed to be fun. Its not about gears, raiding, or w/e. Its about people, socialization, doing stuff together, and of course PvP. Where the hell would we be without the PvP?

    For guilds that hate to raid, I’d highly suggest farming some BGs for PvP gear and get geared up that way. The S3 gear is now obtainable through either BGs or you can trade in T6 tokens for them. For the best PvP gear of course, you wanna form good Arena groups (I’d recommend either 2v2 or 3v3, unless you’re feeling daring) and tear the snot outta them in PvP!

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