Season 4 Yeah!

It was a bit of a suprise to find out that Season 4 was being released so early –  I’m happy that means that I can get some new Pvp gear, and maybe the odd peice of season 4 gear that won’t require a spectacular arena rating…    when I accumluate enough points 

I’m not an active arena  player But I will sub in for some games everyone now and then if someones teams is doing it for points,  I tried a good shot at a  5v5 but just got so frustrated with it,   If I was in Shadow they would target me first,  if I wasn’t they assumed I was the healer and targeted me first,   So the most effective thing I could do was do a sucide run into the middle of them and fear,  making them blow their trinkets early or make it easier to pick them off for the rest of my team.  I wouldn’t mind having a proper shot it just not with a shadow priest,

So Why has Blizzard released season 4 now..   We knew it was comming,  waiting , anticipating..   hoping maybe its because of the burn out,   its something to maintain peoples interest,  a reason to PVP more, a reason to start a new Arena Team,  maybe its what some people need to keep motivated to play.   Every second day we have a new AFK message on our guild forums,   peoples priorities are changing.

Even I have been considering cutting my raiding,  but I feel that after I wanted to do it so much, and then to be improving, do I really want to Leave?   Aiming for Tier 6 last night in Hyjal I still felt that little zing you get  when you know your on the ball..  Its more that I feel like i am missing out on something when I committ that amount of time, It means I’m rushing home from work to be there ontime,  Or I need to fit in buying that new pair of shoes in before my singing lesson as I won’t have time after ect ect.. and that the actual participation time required to raid  is nothing compared to the actual fighting times.

Boss fights go from 2-10 min depending on instance and Dps….  and not considering progression raiding where you expect to die, but hope you don’t,   I’m not sure where all the time goes..  it just goes…      I know some Guilds are strict when it comes to preperation and readiness, but would you boot your healer because he hadn’t installed the 100th Version of Omen to be released, and can a raid because you wouldn’t wait the 3 mins for him to install it..  now find 20 other reasons for waiting 3 mins and thats a Whole hour Gone…………

 it just seems to be a common theme and qq about raid time wasting,   but can you really get 25 men and women to be ready and committed to not moving for anything longer then a nano second – We try – Everyone tries..    and we get there in the end.  Its just a pain to make that time committment and not have it utilised, and that makes me then question my priorities.   I can’t be as spontanous anymore with my time.

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