5am randomness..

Some Random things about blogging and RSS ….

The Scariest thing and the Best thing about blogging, is to find out that people actually read what you write…

Its also a little scarier to find out where it gets linked to/from.. ( i’ve seen some odd links in my History.. )

I love being able to access my reader on my Mobile – makes my Peak hour train rides a little more interesting. When the Iphone becomes more readily available in OZ I am SO getting one, just for the convenience of having mobile and decent Gig space for enough Music on one Gadget)

RSS readers are the best things for reading multitudes of blogs.. I only have Wow and one writing one on my reader for now.. but there is a Sydney Cab driver blog that i follow every now and then, and a few other blogs I want to add.. Plus RSS is available for LJ and a there are a quite a few writing and goth communities i follow through there – some newsites, and and trhe Musician section of Gumtree ( Ive had a paid singing gig from there.. ) I also keep an eye out for writing competitions, and Local Arts events my daily browsing could be done through RSS and I’d get alot of it done quicker..

Turn your Images off on your Mobile internet to reduce your data fees. My provider charges an arm and leg for each MB – $85 dollers for 10mb on the highest plan.. That is absolutley unbeliably stupid.. I’ve cut my bill by 1/10 even though my usage increased x 10 just by turning off images.. I am not paying to download thier logo!

My friends keep teasing me when i go out with them, and I touch my mobile. ” Your not emailing your guild again are you.. ” I had to email a Guildy once to let them know I wasn’t going to make it to a raid – it was an extra Kara progression night back in the day that if we could get people to be home before midnight this particular night we would try for another boss. the raid never happened, because too many people were out and not comming home that Sat night.. ( hence the email.. ) but they have never let me forget it..

While blogging has been good to get me to write, I haven’t written many creative things of late .. must set a goal of a new story a week

I would love to try Polyphasic Sleeping pattern – http://polyphasic.blogspot.com/ http://officialuberman.blogspot.com/ just to get more hours from the day, but I don’t think my work would look upon my need to sleep at various intervals during the day well, and it would be difficult to maintain such a strict scedule of sleep socially.

I should be in bed.. I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow.. ( today..)

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