I’s got dem Raiding Blues

The last week  has been hard to field a 25 man team, and two big raiding nights we did nothing because we didn’t have the numbers, and of all things, it was the DPS we were down.  This had to be the first times the raid was canx because we lacked DPS.  Guilds are fighting for healers,  I so wanted to send the officers a link to this Note to Officers your Raiders want to raid. we had 21 Raiders ready, and enough friends between us we could have pugged the extra DPS, so we may not have done a T6 raid. But we wanted to raid. So we farmed.. logged and played alts, and lost motivation and spirit.

Its not been just the last week, it seems that a general malay has blanketed the game as everyone knows.. and its been the odd Raid here and there thats not run, leaving people with too much time to see greener grass. Theoretically the more regulararily you do a boss the easier it becomes, practise makes perfect, so when we do get to do a boss, we don’t have the experience or the right classes to do it well. Some of our raiders are taking long breaks, or just aren’t available as often, finding an officer online is getting hard. Its a slump, but already I’m seeing new names and members popping up as we recruit trials to fill spaces, asking about the bank contents that we helped accumulate…

We lost a good tank yesterday to another further progressed guild. Tis sad. We wish him luck, he said there are a couple of reasons, and didnt want to divulge on his farewell message, For a long time we had good retention we were progressing at a pace that satisfied everyone.. but peoples unavailability just seems to encourage more unavailability and we aren’t getting as many bosses down in a week.

2 Responses to “I’s got dem Raiding Blues”

  1. 1 milehighclub July 5, 2008 at 4:03 am

    you should leave for a better guild.

  2. 2 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog July 5, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Its not that simple.. I’m not there yet.. I’m not sure i want to raid at the moment and maybe its because its become too hard.. and part that the effort is not worth the reward

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