To Raid or Not to raid.

I was going to QQ. Alot.

But decided that it wasn’t productive. But I have been considering stopping raiding. Having to committ 8-12 4 nights a week if we field raids on those days, and if we don’t we don’t find out till raid time, so its too late for me to organise something else, and according to our schedule we are doing progression runs 4 nights a week. ( thats hardcore for a ‘casual’ raiding guild) Is over the top.

I want to QQ – I doooooooo
Its a time factor – and a time V Rewards factor

Killing new Bosses is Just not enough to sustain interest when there are NO other rewards. The loot that is dropping is either not the best raiding gear available for me, so then I don’t want it, or its decided that the peice would be best used elsewhere because its MORE of an upgrade for someone else in comparison.

If T6 Pieces do drop in the near future, and we don’t have any of the T6 bosses on farm. 2 kills does not make a farmer on Azgalor – and we lost one of those Tokens to someone who left.
I have to share my tokens with Pally Priests and Warlocks
So Pally – ANY tank in the raid will get priority over me.
Then we have Pally healers… so ANY healer will get priority over me.
thus comes Priests – ANY healer will get priority over me.
Thus come Warlocks – their 2 Set bonus of healing themselves is better then adding one extra tick on my SWP. So they would get priority over me.

So I am going to get stuck in shadoweave for TOO LONG. Its getting a bit smelly..

I think I have decided.
I either leave for a better progressed guild, or I stop raiding with my current guild.

I don’t think I want to leave guild. Just can’t see enough reasons to keep raiding.

Saw Gorefiend for the 1st time last night, It was nice. We didn’t kill him, but we are on the challange, and we can kill him… just need to be able to get to him again.

EDIT: I just looked at my Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) and saw my entry where all I wanted to do was raid to test out my new gear/playing style, that was 2 months ago, so now I am getting raids, just not the gear I want/need. At the time they were raiding though those 2 months ago, they were doing SSC and TK and hadn’t thought of BT and Hyjal because of the attunements. Am I being Hypercritcal, I’ve gotten what I wanted, and now I don’t want it anymore. Maybe.

To be honest, I do like the thrill of killing that big bad ugly boss. I like the challange, and Its scary how many strats are in my head for all the various fights and instances,and I’m just a DPS LOL monkey supposedly.. Point and shoot. Its Just well…. there are so many other factors. Life.. Rewards.. purpose.. playing.. having fun.. maybe I am suffering the Litch King Malay.. Where that really the best ‘upgrades’ aren’t quite reachable in the near future.. so why bother when by Week 1 of the expansion I will have probably replaced most of my gear, and TBH its also disheartening seeing so many upgrades for other people drop, and not for me..

Ahhhh see I’ve ended up QQing…

I’m not required to sign up for more then 50% of the raids anyways at my current status so I might start just doing that, and if they are desperate then I will help, but it will allow other people who really really want to go, go.

5 Responses to “To Raid or Not to raid.”

  1. 1 2ndNin June 30, 2008 at 11:32 am

    Loot distribution is always hard, and I know how you feel on losing loot that you want but is an upgrade. All of the guilds I have been in have used hard dkp or suicide kings systems, the highest relevant dkp wins the bid. However this always seemed a little unfair considering as a prot pally I do want to roll on threat trinkets (against mages, warlocks, shadow priests, etc), sure they get a nice damage boost from the +4 spell damage and on use ability over their last trinket, but for me its a huge upgrade when I can afford to / need to wear threat gear.

    Its not the raw dkp, if I am lower, or bid less (and I never bid a heavy amount on those kind of things because I would let a caster that truly wanted it get it over me, spending dkp on threat, mt, block, trash and other sets is hard enough without bidding high :P) then I should lose it, but to not be considered or to be put aside seems wrong to me, surely the point of dkp is to reward the player for raiding. I can understand tank priority to a certain extent (tank gear is often a harder threshold than any other class, if we don’t meet the requirements we can’t tank it, healers have it slightly easier normally as multiple healers can cover for slight slacks, often a slight drop in healing capacity simply reduces / increases the overhealing in the raid, its not as fatal as a tank with 1health too few to take that blow).

    As for leaving your guild, its hard, but sometimes its the best thing you can do, if they want you to raid, but refuse to reward you for it, to allow you to spend that time how you want (and tbh I hate this idea of telling people they are raiding at invites, warning please!) then its not worth it. Backing down for the good of the raid / guild / friends is fine, its your choice, but most guilds are not aiming for world firsts, those guilds raid for that, the rest of us raid for fun and pleasure, let us raid and let us gather our dues or risk us leaving, there are too many guilds needing too many classes to penalise a good player for wanting to progress themselves.

  2. 2 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog June 30, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    we have never used DKP – cant see them implementing.. we go through stages of tanks and healers not being stable attendance for various reasons and i can see further retention problems if Dkp was introduced… and even then, and even then realistically besides a few more items I don’t have any’clear’ upgrades that are obtainable so if something did drop i would be obligated to pass on it.. I could lose some damage and try and pick up on some ZA haste gear but because its noty a progression run they don’t always go ahead. , I am just over 1400 +dam raid buffed I shouldnt try and stack haste unless i am on that mark ( well according to popular theory ) – and I don’t believe in leaving a guild for loot – I think I will just try and concentrate on getting my epic flyer and getting my alt to 70 – bit more time efficent…

  3. 3 2ndNin July 1, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Key in this game is doing what you find fun, if you find the looting system wrong and it annoys you then you need to do something about it, it may just be epic pixels, but to raid and not be rewards seems wrong considering this basically says that someone else’s time is more valuable than yours, and imo its not.

  4. 4 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog July 1, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Its not that the looting system is entirely wrong, it needs tweaking, but anyway its done there will be problems and weaknesses. I think for the most its fair, Its more that the crafted items available for shadow priests who are encouraged to stack damage are better then most of the drops in BT and Hjyal, or that badge loot can replace. Eg my Scyers Dagger from Badge loot. Ive been offered 3 other types of Maces/daggers in our runs, but its not an upgrade. We also don’t need Hit or Crit like mages and warlocks do so when looking at a piece as an upgrade we aren’t as concerned with those stats.

  5. 5 2ndNin July 2, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    😛 I know the loot issue well, paladin tank, I steal warrior gear, mage trinkets, and my own gear, and need to strike a balance between it all, yet the badge gear makes a lot of tier 5 content pretty useless to me, and only a few upgrades in T6.

    DKP and loot systems will never really be fair and easy, might have to write a post on it really since it is something that I think should be talked about more.

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