Black Temple Doldrums

So After 6 deaths ( mine) & 5 complete Raid Wipes
( unless you count Rogues, Hunters and Mages who manage to ‘disappear… ” Why is none of those classes can rez? You would think it would be a bit more practical if a rezing class could do something to avoid death, even a warlock has a death mitgation in the form of a souls stone, but they can’t rez… and a Pally has to kill himself to give someone else a death mitigation)

We finally killed Najentus and Supremous

I was doing all well surviving 3 attempts on Supremous to the point where we actually hit his enrage timer on the 3rd attempt, we didnt have enough DPS alive. So he decided to take a swipe at me as the people left started dieing.

13:50’41.484 Supremus’s Hateful Strike hits Z for 120745 Physical
13:50’41.875 Z dies

120745 Damage. OW!

and yes I has WWS for the fights…. What does it tell me? I’m chasing the other shadow priests tail when it comes to damage. Overall he did 300K more then me but that was across the entire report I died in the 1st 5 min of Supremous Attempt 4 because the massive pile of flaming rocks decided to do his magnet thing and drag me back to his feet where he trampled me. I must have been too far away when I became the ‘target’ but for the most I had to suicide for 2 of the wipes as the call when out to take the wipe as too many people were dead, and the other I got smacked for the 120k damage. I was surviving quite well, using a combination of Bandages, healthpots, Healthstones, Kept Ve and SWP up, and tried to stick in VT as I was running, So I’m happy with the report, Even though it shows me that I have a 4.2 – 5 % mitigation and that was because I was basically in all my PVP gear as a stam set for Supremous, more armor and Stam, less hit.
Its a surviveability fight, and I wanted to live,

I think I have just about decided to stop doing progression raids. The decision has been bolstered by that the guild is building back up their core team of raiders and I am not in it. Which works out ok, given my doubt as to if I wanted to keep raiding, its actually made it easier in my decision not to sign up as often. There is loot I would like, but I can survive without it, I do not want to go back to the days when only the core raiders were garanteed raids, and we didn’t find out till invites that we were lucky enough to go.
Maybe I should respec Holy…. LOL…

I didn’t realise how much I like PVP untill I worked out that i now have 423 Resil, I’m now grinding 40k honour for the Plum PVP trink, which would add to that, and then the next step is to get a PVP dagger, and then that would mean I have a complete PVP Set, rings, trinks, offhand, wand, neck ect ect.. and then I could try for some serious arena.

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  1. 1 Cynra July 3, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    Raiding doldrums are the pits and we’ve got guild after guild after guild falling apart as summer approaches, new MMORPGs come out, and expectation for Wrath of the Lich King begins to falter a little bit too much. I’ve been trying to fight them myself and have been successful so far. It’s good that you have something enjoyable to fall back onto if you do decide not to raid any more!

    And congratulations on the downings! You can borrow some ice packs if you’re still hurting.

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