Why Shadow Priests can make good Flag Carriers in WSG

As a clothy we may not be the very 1st choice.. nothing beats those druids in travel form, with the ability to stop and heal themselves, Rogues come a close 2nd with all their avoiding abilties, but sometimes you don’t get much of a choice, Its basically who ever can grab the flag in WSG,
But some of our endearing qualities are quite useful keeping the pesky enemys off your tail…
We can Sheild ( 1454 Damage Absorption)
Have inner fire, (20 charges of +1580 Armour incease thats refreshable,) 9-10% extra damage deduction
Hot Heal, Renew, and Prayer of mending is useful, as the Prayer will bouce back to you, and your nearby allies trying to help you..
Fear, ( up to 5 targets )
Dispell Magic which includes some slowing and trapping effects that are based on magic
Dot damage and Run. ( I always Use VE and SWP on the target behind me, for that extra healing and because im a NE throw in star shards when I can as its free mana )
Elunes Grace for Night Elves – Chance to be hit by melee and ranged attacks reduced by 20%. Is also a good thing to throw up
Now most of these can be done for the flag carrier, even if we aren’t it..

Shadow Priests don’t like comming out of Shadow Form for several reasons, but basically I have found that by being willing to do that ensures the survivability of yourself and the important people lik e the flag carrier, seriously if the flag carrier is running past you, and your the only one in healing distance throw up a sheild, a renew and a prayer.. if they survive.. your chance of winning increases.

So after having spent alot of hours in BGs lately in my grind for the Epic medallion of the Alliance for its +45 resil, and Now.. i have 472 resilience!! I’d like to spec Disc just to see what I can do in PVP with my current gear and a proper Arena Spec for priests, but I am a shadow priest, I like being shadow, I want to stay shadow…. well I’ve still got some peices I want for Pvpbut they won’t increase my resil I don’t think, but I’m impressed that I’m close to the cap!

Its annoying though that there is no or not alot of spirit on PVP gear, I suppose blizzards plan was that you would die before you OOM, but if there was spirit, it would certainly make the peices of better use for PVE.

5 Responses to “Why Shadow Priests can make good Flag Carriers in WSG”

  1. 1 Rick O July 6, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Seconded. I do flag runs in WSG and EotS at least a few times each week when they are the Daily. I may be slow enough to infuriate the Rogues and Druids, but I rarely, if ever, drop the flag. (And generally only then when I start the run below full mana.)

    If we were tempted to go totally OP, we’d spend some gold on Free Action potions. NERF!

    I’ve also had the same thoughts about Disc. Everything I’ve read says Disc == Unkillable, which would be a nice change from Shadow == First Target. But until I decide to dedicate some serious time to Arena/BG instead of just treating it as occasional entertainment, it probably isn’t worth it.

  2. 2 dionadar July 7, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Seriously, a disc priest can take a lot more punishing than a shadow… add to that dwarven stone form and you’re golden 😀

  3. 3 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog July 7, 2008 at 2:44 am

    I hear Disc calling… I just don’t like the idea of having to respec back & forth.. and finding a decent Arena Team..

  4. 4 Zupa July 7, 2008 at 3:12 am

    Hey PP,

    I spent most of the past 48 hours in battlegrounds, although it’s clearly not enough as my res is only up to 360 and the thought of grinding 40k honor for the trinket brings me to the verge of tears with anticipated frustration. Ok maybe not tears but i’m not looking forward to it!

    Anyway… I have learned some things, and one of them is Disc priest = god of the battlefield.

    Discipline Priest = God Of Battlefield!

    Srsly! Me + MS warrior + disc priest = unkillable. 3 of us could defend any node, anywhere, no problem… but more impressive was defending AV. Solid defense in AV = other team can’t win. Disc priest keeping us alive = thuper solid defense. We could totally take all comers at the Relief Hut. My only problem was busting all my stones and my evocation and having to run away to sit down and drink every 5 or 10 minutes.

    Also our priest had similar gear to yours, massive resilience and about 13k HP. Check out his gear, lusifa on frostmourne.

    So, I say go for it, “unkillable” has got to be more fun than “first target” !

    Although the pvp vs pve constant respeccing can be an issue. During the week I went PVP frost spec because I wasn’t doing much raiding, but last night I specced back to PVE for BT and a quick look into sunwell…

    .. But now i really miss frostbite and improved counterspell, so tonight I’ll probably go back to PVP… until the weekend.

    It’s getting expensive!

    I may even have to do some dailys this week just to pay the bills 😦

    Dailys FTL

    Let us know what you decide and if you find a pro arena team! I’m looking for a decent 5v5 at the moment myself but it’s proving hard to come by.

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