So I’ve Quit Raiding…

Okay  – I did it,  I posted on the forums that I will not be signing up anymore – so far there is has been no why’s? but that might come in game, or that they have a DPS over supply because they are getting 36 Raiders signed up for Hyjal and BT so they might not even miss me,

The reasons are a little list, and Its probably not one that I will pubish publically in entirety 

– to an outsider some may appear ‘selfish’  but something like the desire for loot upgrades surely has to be one of the cornerstones for any raider? When it comes to it I really don’t have the right to question anything done/said ect ect because I am not the GM.They are allowed to run the guild the way they want, and If I don’t like It I can leave,  but the summary is I am not happy with the raiding package at the current level of content. Some of its controllable by individuals,  some of its not,  but it all adds up to a “Its not fun anymore”

So I’m not sure what I am going to do… I don’t think I want to go to another ‘hardcore’ guild but I like the people in the guild, just not the raiding ‘package’ I would like to do More TK – and SSC – I don’t mind doing the odd Gruls or Mags even if there is no upgrades – I do like the whole complicatedness of a boss fight, but I will need to pug those probably, and my Alt is 65 – so close to 70 –  but the fun there is the consistant progressive leveling, that isn’t quite a blind drive.

On a happier note I realised I can now wear my two PVP trinkets,  ( but they share the cool down..  ) But  I’m 492 resilience! I am SOOOOO close to cap. I think I will do some farming to build up funds for respecing back and forth to Disc just to try it..  /sigh flying Epic mount so far away….  I don’t want to concentrate on PVP, its fun,  but its not the only ‘play’ I want to do.

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  1. 1 Softi July 7, 2008 at 9:46 am

    Sometimes having a break from raiding is the best thing to do. Might help you decide what path you want to take. 😉

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