10 hour maintence and a new toon

So Oceanic Severs were hit with a 10 hour maintence last night for tuesday,   It a bit of a gamble on tuesday nights in Australia as to how much – if any play time we get to fit in, and getting home at 630pm to find the servers down already was a little annoying..  normally at worst its down at 8pm – at ok – at 10pm and at best not at all or only a rolling restart

So with a whole US based sever list to pick from, I was flicking through my characters on some that i had rolled for various reasons and the highest was a level 5, I was at a loss as to what to do –

So I rolled a Human Warlock from start on Cenarian Circle,  it was a RP server, so since I like exploring creativity I figured why not have a go,  never minding that it was 3am server time. The starting Area  was busier then expected for that time, and a quick check in General found that there were several other Oceanic orphans as well.

I managed to get my new toon to level 10 before logging off, and I’m enjoying playing the my little warlock,   Its alot more dotting then my Priest was at that level, and less straight out single spell spam then my mage alt was, 

Must remember though that I can’t use my Imp Gakpad as a tank.  Its upsetting that I can’t heal it, but when it dies he doesn’t get upset with me either and he is dying often

When dealing with multiple targets my casting is getting interrupted more  as I try and dot both of them and its a little frustrating I can’t sheild at all – Going after Goldtooth has been painful,  my imp kept agroing more Kobolds and I kept dying,  Yet, with Princess’s nerf down to 1 guard from 2, both my Pally and Warlock was able to kill easily, but my warrior back in the day when there were 2 gaurds couldnt do it..

As for the role playing side, it was minimal,  there were a couple of silly people in general, I got called a freak  by a warrior that got upset with me because he took on 4 Murlocks  for the find the body quest and ran past me trying to escape them.

“WTF?” He says..  “Why didn’t you help me?” 

in the mili seconds it had taken him to run away in my toons ‘ mind’  I had already run through all the things I could have done to ‘help’  All my spells had a cast time, ( didnt have curse of agony at that point) My Imp’s spell had a cast time, my fear wasn’t instant – so being clothy  with no AOE, no trapping ability and no instant casting , and no heal AND given that they were running away from me out of spell range –  I was unable to help, and  I told him him all the above and then because  he  was being such a asshatabout the issue, and given that he had survived..  ( by running away.. )  I /ignored him.

It wasn’t like I was waiting in the area when he agro’d,  I was running along and see him streaking past..    I was annoyed he expected my help, if it had been 2 Murlocks down to half health I would have had a go..  but uh uh not 4 at full health. 

Bad experience with helping someone the other day has tempered my judgement a little,  that person caused my death by pulling an elite we didn’t even need,  he vanished as a rogue and I died, and then he leaves leaving me to  rez alone in a cave with alot of ogres and no way to get out easily, because even though he was the one who wanted to group then leaves after 1 min..

But I think I want to see My warlock toon to at least 30 – Have taken up skinning and will pick up mining too trying to make money as an independant again..  I thinking i’m becomming an Altoholic…

1 Response to “10 hour maintence and a new toon”

  1. 1 gnomeaggedon July 9, 2008 at 3:51 am

    Oceanic downtime.. there is never a good time…

    Early Warlock’s.. I think early Mages are easy… at least you have the expectation you will die from the beginning

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