I am “BEEP” and I have a Wow Blog.

While not deliberatly hiding who I play, I have in a way hidden and avoided announcing my main toons Name, and guild name in any form, and its not because I’m ashamed of what I write, but because I belive in the old school honour – Don’t bag out the guild – don’t bag out identifiable people, because you never know who will read what and when and if they will take offence or judge you for what you write, but one of my ‘ live my life ‘ rules is a Hamlet quote. ” This above all be thine own self be true”

A real life story of lessons learnt when it comes to what you publish on the internets is when I got my 2nd tattoo, because my mother told me when I got my 1st that if I got another one she would cut it out, I hadn’t told my Parents that I had gotten it, I was biding my time and was going to consider telling them when I went over for dinner next. That week my brother was showing my dad my LJ account and saw the Pics I had posted of my 2nd Tattoo. They then printed out a picture and left it on the coffee table for when I came over for dinner…..
my mum never cut my second tatt out.. but it upset them that i didnt tell them

I know some bloggers either have guildys that also blog or have mentioned some experiences of their guilds reactions when they found out and I guess what it comes down to is have you written anything that you would be ashamed to see on the front page of a newspaper? and I must answer YES!

My spelling is terribad. My grammer is lazy, and I’ve perhaps written some stuff that If published on a guild forum people might take offence to,  but then there is the backlash of if someone did find out so far down the path – would they get even more upset?

I’ve been thinking of comming out – I don’t want this blog to ever be a big issue,  but would my GM want to know? Does he already know?  The internets is a small place and  various google searches with Shadow Priest and wow will turn up either me.. or one of my posts or comments..

I look back on some of my posts and I’m proud of some,  some not so proud of but that’s me…  and there is that Edit tool…  🙂

6 Responses to “I am “BEEP” and I have a Wow Blog.”

  1. 1 Avonar July 9, 2008 at 7:21 am

    You hit kind of close to home on this one. I haven’t made a whole lot of effort to hide my blog from my current guild – if you used the right key words, then you’d end up at my blog. Sure, I tend to use the nicknames people have within the guild. But anyone savvy enough could find it quickly enough. Yet I still try and speak my mind, without saying that people are idiots.

    Should I tell them? No, I don’t think so. There’s nothing that’s going to hurt the guild particularly in there – and if it was, it’s not baseless criticism. They should also realize that whoever is reading my blog probably has no idea who my guild is, or who the people in it are. So really, there’s not a whole lot of point.

    Furthermore, my blog is a personal one. I didn’t start it for WoW, it just happens to often have WoW related content in it. It’s my space to vent, my space to say whatever I need to and write whatever I happen to feel like. I’d actually rather most people in the guild didn’t know about it – though again, I haven’t taken too many pains to hide it. If they find it, fine, but they read at their own risk.

    Good luck with your own choice – though I’d say that you have no reason to out yourself. Maybe you’re already kind of out, without even realizing it?

  2. 2 Merlot July 9, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    The question, I think, is: would coming ‘out’ to your guild restrict what you blogged about in the future? Would you hold back on a post for fear of how it made you look, or how others might react to it?

    Or would it improve your blog? Would you feel freer to blog about guild topics, knowing that you might start a discussion with fellow guildies.

    Part of me wishes I wasn’t out to my guild. Even though I know few of them read my blog, I hold back from writing about some of the big issues with my guild for fear of offending people and stirring up trouble. But everyone has a different relationship with their guild. I see lots of bloggers talking honestly and openly about theirs all the time. Maybe that could be you.

  3. 3 pugnacious priest - A female Players Warcraft Blog July 10, 2008 at 3:19 am

    I think it would restict what I wrote, more then what it free’d me up to write about other things and I started this blog before I was my current guild so its never been all about them.. Ta for both your advice..

  4. 4 2ndNin July 10, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    😛 I am in a similar situation, though I actually directed out MT to read it if he felt bored, and other online friends know about it. I tend to be slightly more ranty than guild related, but I do draw upon examples from what I play (otherwise I can’t really blog if I don’t know what I am talking about).

    I suppose provided you keep the same attitude in guild as on your blog it doesn’t matter,but if the two are at odds then its a major issue as you are seen to be doing one thing in guild, then your blog contradicts that… just be consistent and honest imo.

  5. 5 airee July 10, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    My guildies, raiders, and friends are all aware of my blog. And they know that anything not said in confidence may appear in the blog — including their names. In general, they enjoy the opportunity to snag a little web-recognition and think it’s awesome to see their toons’ name up on my site. However, I’ve made it very clear that if they don’t want that information up at all, they need only let me know and it won’t.

    In general, I hold the standard that anything positive includes the players’ name and anything negative (for example, when I ranted recently about my perky priestess’s raid and specifically raid leader) doesn’t include names. The idea if twofold: one, I don’t want to offend them while letting people outside of our group know who they are and, second, I think it’s still important to get that information out. I got a lot of very good and helpful feedback when I did post that entry about my raid and some of my raiders who had felt the same about what was going on contacted me in-game to discuss their opinions. This allowed me to gently chide them for not approaching the raider leader, who really needs to know what is going on — but can safely claim that too few people approach him when an issue does arise. This is a point of contention with me because when I do speak up, I get the ol’ “well, no one else seems concerned” talk and feel like I get brushed off.

    The decision to reveal who you are and who you are affiliated with is a personal one and there are benefits to both. Just be honest in all that you write and it should hopefully work out no matter what you choose.

  6. 6 Larísa July 14, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    I would never ever count on remaining anonymous when blogging. This is quite a small world, in spite of the 10 million players… And this IS a public forum, not just your private diary notes. I would never write anything in my blog which I couldn’t tell the person straight away. I rarely mention guilides and other players by name, even if it’s in a harmless way. They haven’t asked to become public after all.

    Remember – even if you can edit things that have been let out on the net get a life of their own – it will live on in some forms, there’s no way to put back tha rabbit into the hat.

    If you only write things you really can stand up for – then “coming out” isn’t a big deal.

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