Ideal Talents for Shadow Priest PVP

Please note: This is Pre WOTLK

I don’t like the idea of having to change specs for PVP it costs money, and its a pain.  I have been hesistant devoting myself to PVP because its not the only thing I enjoy. I go on PVP Spurts usually with a goal for a piece of gear in mind.
So I think the time has come for me to get serious about PVPing in a proper spec, at least temproarily – I don’t want to go Disc untill I find a Arena team that wants to have a serious go.  How does one find those?   I’m currently replacing all my Gladiators Gear with Merciless – I have the Epic PVP Trink worth 40K honor,  and in a complete set I am now 494 Resilience. 

I have been giving some thought as to what Talents I would like to have at my disposal in PVP but some are going to require a fine balance as to what I want, and what are worth paying the points to have… what I can have with the whole 61 point restriction thing… 

I want silence
I want improved Mana burn
I want Shadow Form
Improved Inner fire
Improved Spirit
I want Reflective sheild
I’d love pain supression

But I just don’t have enough points for that…..

Wowhead has a recommended Shadowpriests PVP Build 11/2/47 – and it seems to have a good use of as many tools available without sacrificing the Damage. It will still make you squishy.
Priest PVP Build (I want to try for a less squishy – as much damage as possible build.

the only problem I can see is Disp spec’d priests are great for survivability, which is great for arena, and given that they can heal or damage- a valued member of the team but In Bg’s thats not necessarily a good thing. Being harder to kill might be good if you have the flag on your back in WSG but for the rest, your not a healer or a damager so thats the trade off. Survive, and maybe die less. But do less too.
I am going to respec to the following,  I want to Keep shadow form,  which means I won’t be healing.  But I want things like improved mana burn,  Silence, More Armor,  better spirit,

So lets see how it goes.

NOTE: this is Pre WOTLK and Pre Patch 3.0 – I will be doing an updated Post for post patch.

Minimum Required Level: 70
Required Talent Points: 61

Discipline Talents 24 point(s)    
Unbreakable Will – rank 5/5

Improved Power Word: Fortitude – rank 2

Improved Power Word: Shield – rank 3/3

Martyrdom – rank 2/2

Inner Focus – rank 1/1

Meditation – rank 3/3

Improved Inner Fire – rank 3/3

Improved Mana Burn – rank 2/2

Divine Spirit – rank 1/1

Improved Divine Spirit – rank 2/2

Shadow Talents 37 point(s) 
Spirit Tap – rank 3

Blackout – rank 5/5

Improved Shadow Word: Pain – rank 2/2

Shadow Focus – rank 4/5

Improved Psychic Scream – rank 2/2

Improved Mind Blast – rank 4/5

Mind Flay – rank 1/

Shadow Reach – rank 2/2

Shadow Weaving – rank 3/5

Silence – rank 1/1

Vampiric Embrace – rank 1/1

Focused Mind – rank 3/3

Darkness – rank 5/5

Shadowform – rank 1/1

2 Responses to “Ideal Talents for Shadow Priest PVP”

  1. 1 Sean Dorman September 22, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Why make a stab at Imp Divine Spirit when more than likely, due to gear itemization, you will have very little Sprit to begin with? I know that myself, at 70 I have 155 Spirit, at most I would be gaining 15.5 spell damage, which to me seems not worth the reach. I would grab Imp Vamp Embrace as, in PVP, I’m not so much worried about threat. Even 2 points in Misery would benefit you more in the long run than IDS.

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