/targetfriendplayer and /targetenemyplayer Macros & BG’s

I’ve been playing with a couple of macro variations using the new commands bliz gave us in the latest patch

The only useful macro So far has been
/cast Power Word: Sheild(Rank 12)

this targets the closest friendly player and sheilds them. Because sheild has a Weakened soul debuff if you cast that macro again, it will target the closest friend again, but it then goes – “Spell not ready yet” and you will need to click it again to make it skip to another nearby friend who doesn’t have the debuff.
I find this useful because in bgs throwing a shield up on someone is useful when they are under attack. Especially good for a healer who is busy trying to heal you. It also doesn’t stop you from Dpsing your own target.

A Priest healer could use it to cast Prayer of mending but they seem to cast it at their current healing target which may not be the closest.

I tried the /targetenemyplayer one with a
/cast Shadow Word: Pain

but it kept casting SWP on the same target, I couldn’t get it to skip to another player .

I’ve also just discovered uses for the /castsequence Command the Beauty of that one is you just keep pressing the same button and it casts a whole sequence of actions 1 after the other. If it gets interrupted though it starts again.


/castsequence Shadow Word: Pain(Rank 10),Vampiric Embrace
as general 1st time casting on a enemy player in a BG. SWP is 1st in case I get interrupted, at least the dot will stick tick.

However because Vampiric embrace has a different cooldown then SWP its not useful for tab targeting.

It could be useful for self buffing when you have alot of self buffs eg I wrote this one for when 1st rezing in a BG, you want to buff yourself as quickly and as efficiently as possible to make use of the ‘free mana’ Buff you get when you 1st rez. The following macro is for a Shadow Priest using the most mana expensive buffs 1st.
It makes sence to use the ones that ‘cost’ the most 1st. However. Do not press the button too many times, or the macro starts again I tried doing /target self and that didn’t work. I also tried holding down the Shift Key when pressing the macro, but the only thing that worked was
inserting /target and my Characters name.

/target (insert name)
/castsequence Shadowform, Power Word: Fortitude(Rank 7),Shadow Protection(Rank 4),Inner Fire(Rank 7)

that will put you in shadowform, give you fort shad and inner fire. You could also add fear ward and probably even your mount.

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