WOTLK Free zone, and I love to Gank!

I don’t have a Beta Key…   I am still hopeful that some day down the track I will be lucky..  but I haven’t posted about WOTLK cause everyone else  has alot more things to say,  so i don’t need to!  ( but if I did.. it would be to complain about that Vampiric Touch Nerf for a Mana return down to only 2% of Damage done.

Because I havent been raiding I’ve had a little more time to explore my other toons.   I’ve rediscovered my Horde hunter on a Pvp Server and are in a LOL guild with some other guildies who also rolled horde.  I have had some bad ganking experiences in Stranglethorn Vale on that Toon, and at level 38 I had effectively given up.   With a run through Sunken Temple and some questing in Desolace I got to 40. I really should have waited and brought my level 40 mount. as now i need to save up a little more.  I stopped playing because I hated the alliance gangs that would come hunt me down when I let one of them run past out of kindness.    Its a perpetual frustrating cycle.

But I figured I’d give it a decent shot,  and worst case if i got camped I’d log over to another toon.  I’ve been pretty lucky avoiding world pvp, I love playing BG’s…   I don’t like hunting down fellow players and  stopping them from doing their  quest, I didn’t think i’d get the killers kick.  But I have it.    I know hunters are a little easier to solo, and I am appreciative of my Pet tiger but tonight at level 40 I was at one of the roadside vendors in desolace checking out his wares when a 46 Alliance mage starts jumping around and freezes me and my pet.  

“I’m gonna die…  ” I think,  and then he freezes me with a frost bolt, so I use my  Pvp trinket I had slaved in BG’s to get ( I thought it was important to have given its a pvp realm. )  to escape and lay a freezing trap of my own, and another freezing trap cool down later. He is dead, and I run off into the distance….

I won!  and he snuck up on me…  silly boy…    But i might not be so lucky next time,  but now I know I have to be perpetually ready to be ganked.  An woe betides the next Alliance i see

2 Responses to “WOTLK Free zone, and I love to Gank!”

  1. 1 Avonar July 29, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Woot, gz! Always a satisfying feeling to get one back when you’re generally decent to the opposition. 🙂

  2. 2 Cynra July 30, 2008 at 12:54 am

    Congratulations! And one of the things that you’ll find on PvP servers (especially in high population contested zones) is that everyone runs around in PvP gear, whether it’s from Honor or Arena Points. It really helps a lot!

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