41 Hunter V 48 Hunter – and I win ( sometimes)

I was questing in Lost rigger cave in tanaris trying to do some of the Pirate quests on my Horde hunter on the Pvp realm, and she is now level 41 – I saw an Alliance hunter, didnt check their level, but skirted around them anyway with my aspect of the beast on,
I started killing, He attacked me on my 1st mob fight
I killed him. ( I was rather suprised. ) I am marksmen Spec ( yes I know thats not the best leveling spec, but it gives me scatter and improved concusive shot which help me on a pvp realm survive. .( well at least I thinks it does.)
I continue killing the same mob I started on, He rez’s and smacks me down. and as I havent eaten or drunk I die easily.

So I run back , find a safe spot to rez, stick my aspect of the beast on as soon as I rez so he cant track me, and wait to call my pet. In the meantime he rezes and starts killing mobs again.

I figure why not, i dont lose durability “today is a good day to die”. Lets have fun.

I attack him. The Battle was glorious
We kill each other with our final shots.

So then I figure since he started trying to gank somone 7 levels lower then him… I am going to be as annoying as possible.

I was patient..
and I watched him in ghost form. He got complacent. I stood on top of him. Rezed and layed a freezing trap. He Froze. i run away laughing
and eventually died.
But then I did it again
and again
and again.
and again.

Eventually my death timer became annoying so I started writing this post inbetween.
He got chased away by a bigger horde soon after.

So im now at 2 min rez timer, recovering from when I tried having a go at a 42 allie hunter that crossed my path when i still had the pvp spirit pumping through my pixels.. and he won! – I was mortified. He was obviously very skilled. I can take down a might 48 hunter, and a 42 kills me!

so i rezed and didnt even have time to drink and the 42 killed me again

so Now I am giving up and going to bed.. 🙂

But before I log off the puter..
I got my Mage alt to 70 yesterday – so I now have 2 70’s She is very scrub, so im going to PVP for a while to get some choice pieces, that i can’t craft similar without having to change to tailoring and then do some dungeons to get real gear. I would feel embarassed pugging in greens

I like using her to be annoying in bgs she doesnt have the damage, or the confidence to use my skills as well as I do my shadow priest, but sheeping and silence and all that.. I likes!

But I think I might roll another priest, and keep her holy.

3 Responses to “41 Hunter V 48 Hunter – and I win ( sometimes)”

  1. 1 Cynra August 7, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    More priests! More priests! As a self-confirmed priestaphiliac, I am proud to admit that I have almost ten priests to my name — and three on one server alone (Discipline, Holy, and Shadow, baby!).

    And mages are a flippin’ blast. I played my boyfriends for a couple of months before deciding to level a couple. My highest right now is 55 and I’m loving the Frost. I never thought that I’d like high spike damage, but seeing a 1,250 Frostbolt crit before I’ve even seen the Dark Portal makes me squee happily.

    Congratulations on the new 70. If you’ve got questions regarding magelings, there are plently of informative blogs around that can help. I’ve learned a hell of a lot from Gnomeaggedon, Zupa, and Larísa. I think I kinda sorta remember at least one of them having a guide to helping new mages get geared up for Karazhan!

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest August 7, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    I like my mage… ( Fire spec) but I look back at the time I spent on my priest, going through gear, Kara Gruls ect ect.. and I don’t think I want to gear the mage for raiding.. I need to get her Potion Master quest done in TK – and I brought her a flying mount, but I enjoyed the leveling on the side part of getting her to 70… and yep I have been reading their blogs to get some advise 😛

  3. 3 gnomeaggedon August 8, 2008 at 4:58 am

    Mmmmm fire Spec’d Mages….

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