My baby priest and Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chicks’ leveling pants

So I rolled another priest.
Wickedminx – she will be holy or disc spec in the long run..
but after reading leveling with Style Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chick’s Post I thought – I has gold – and my shadow priest is a tailor/enchanter so she has skills too! and she likes being a sugar mama – why not make it easier for Wickedmix to level.

So I have Runic Spellthread on Tuxedo Pants ( +35 spell dam & 20 stam )
+7 Stam on Dress shoes
+6 stats on Simple black dress
+70 armor on Frayed cloak

and I can swap all those peices for the next toon i level.
I could tank dead mines!

I am also trying to spread the buffing love starting from the lowley levels.. Everyone loves a priest buff and it spreads good cheer.. Trying to take a leaf from Buff Plz‘s blog – we don’t buff enough.. Buff more!


So I got to level 8 easy enough, chainpulling  no drinking,  I could dot up multiple mobs and I was fine.  I got powerword sheild at 8 which was awesome, because given my armor was +70 it helped my sheild last longer as it was absorbing less damage.

I also added +7 intellect to some level 5 bracers that aren’t bindable.

You could so twink out a level 1..

I think I might  find a low level unbindable mace and enchant that with the best enchant i can for a <35 item.

so with +35 damage and healing,  its awesome

When i was a level 6 a warrior challanged me to a duel in goldshire and I kicked his butt.  I was accused of being a twink! –  I did some more dueling and it was pretty cool as a priest being able to beat other more durable lower classes.


2 Responses to “My baby priest and Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chicks’ leveling pants”

  1. 1 breana August 8, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    OOO, were is the screenshot! I want to see the lovely dress and dress shoes!

    What are your stats right now? I have to admit I have never done this with another one of my alts, but seeing now much fun it is, I definitely do it again! i wonder if we can have a fashion show with all these stylish lowbies running around 🙂

  2. 2 typhoonandrew August 14, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Um – why has this not occurred to me before! Buff the hell of out swappable gear…brilliant. *logs-in*

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