SBS Doco on Playing WOW..

My Generation watchable on line.. C/o The Oceanic Forums..
It follows three people from gen y and how wow fits in with their life..

I hate this whole generation Y thing.. I am gen Y but I used to be Gen X untill Gen Y became a threat to gen x and the baby boomers and they relabled at least the early 80’s babies

Some points I picked up…

hardcore = 20 hours a week.

Really? I guess I play that + some a week – depending on weekend scedule – If you raid 3 nights a week your looking at aprox 12 hours already

Online avatars – men pick hypermasculine avatars?

Huh – So why do so many guys play girls… ( so they have a cute tooch to look at….. )

Women pick Idealy feminine avatars…

Yeh… we often pick the prettiest face choice, and it would explain the distinct lack of Female Taurens and Female Dwarfs… They are the ‘Ugliest’ racial choices…

Oh theres an intervention… friends sit down and talk to him about his addiction…. ( He hasn’t tried hard enough to convert them.. )
One of the dudes was doing interviews while raiding.. and its no wonder his Raid wiped!

It was an interesting watch – That didn’t tell anyone who already plays much. Its a perspective on the Real life v online life balance. None of them seemed hardcore raiders.. They didn’t touch on Arena, or BG’s which are seperate addiction/game with in a game..

But there was some discussion as to the social aspecs of playing with real people and ‘missing’ them or going to see them..

I’m not sure if its supposed to warn someone against playing it, the three seemed to balance their lives reasonably well with periods of maladjustment, and sleep deprivation – but the thing with addictions is that if other people feed it.. and all three seem to have a feeder.. a brother, people from another online game.. ( like a friends BF waving a cigarette under her nose while she was trying to quit)
I waited a whole year after most of my friends to start playing. I was on Runescape ( NO LAUGHING ) untill I upgraded my PC… Yet funnily enough I’ve seen the most endgame content of all of them.. but they are a continual motivator to keep playing..

Is the secret to sucess in MMORPG social perpetuality?

Does that explain why the blogging community has received wings in the last 12 months…. Blogging /podcasting/forums being another motivator and the sociality that comes with those new activities… ( In the Epic dolls Podcast mentioned this week Epic Dolls one of the girls talked about how doing the podcast kept her motivated to keep playing)

The more people you seek out with this singular interest the longer you will pay and play….

and look at the newest recruit a friend feature with an exclusive mount that even warrented a email to me from Blizzard themselves to tell me…

too deep for a friday..

It was a funny watch… It could have more detail, but as a person who plays I didnt really need more detail to understand their situations…..

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