Stop Being Bullys in BG’s

Bullying is the best word to describe some of the behaviour that goes on in a battleground, and this WSG long weekend was the worst I have seen in a long time.

Hidden behind the saftey of a computer, and  L33t speak Learn2play noob  – the disparaging comments and the unsportsmanship like behaviour that has gone on, in just the BG’s I have been in on my Shadow Priest this weekend has angered and annoyed me, and what makes it worse is that

It’s to your own team!

So much for the Spirit of Competition

“Honoring the spirits” – Uh uh
“do your best to help your team win” – You mean B*tch and Moan and complain and yell, and annoy and grind the BG down so that its no longer fun.

Blizzard have a strict harrassment policy,  but  not all bullying behaviour in a BG is reportable,  There is no T & C for Snide, or sarcastic comments, 

Buff Plz  in How to be Nice points out that Blizzard has a “how to be nice” page. I wish more people would follow it.

 So what does a Bully do?


Any of these behaviours sound familar?

one example from this weekend was
“such and Such has reported you afk type /afk to remove” while we were waiting in the flag room.

How is this bullying?

Someone is trying to manipulate through fear for you to perform an action. You are afraid that you have been reported Afk.  You know that Bliz have been cracking down on Afker’s in BGs,   your not expecting your teammate  to try and scare you into making yourself AFK.

If you do as they say and type /afk, yes you are being niave and you may learn the hard way, or someone else will make a comment in chat and you realise that its not an official message, and that the person who did it was being stupid – even if you know the so called joke – It doesn’t do good things for your competitive spirit.

Professional sportspeople will tell you that winning and losing is often in your head. Its Will, its spirit, its determination, its prevailing against all odds. Its skill, its care, If you are causing your teamates to lose their will and you haven’t even got out the gate, there is no way your going to win the game.

We lost 0/3 flags in that BG.

Other examples this weekend were.. 
“You people are S***””
“You all suck”
“Your Gear sucks”
“I really Like your weapon… Its great for a BG – and your trinkets suck too.. ”
“Maybe the flag should be carried by someone not wearing cloth”  yaddi da dah……

Besides the flag comment the rest were’t directed at me personally. ( 1. I have more Hp and survival abilities and skills that I’ve seen some tanks have. 2. If the druid is busy fighting in the middle, and no one else is there to grab it having a picnic while waiting for someone else is not practical. 3 If a squishy has support – they aren’t so squishy… Even a tank or druid will die without heals. 4. I’ve seen too many Bg’s where we hall butt to get to the opposing factions Flag room and 6 people won’t pick the flag up because they are too afraid of dropping it – cloth leather plate or mail….

“Stop being a Carebear,  People need to develop thick skin,  the world is a mean place, Its only a game,  who cares, Its not my fault they get upset. Body camping is fun!”

Yeah I know…

Im not suggesting that any of the behaviour I have seen has/would drive someone or me to self harm, but when there are real people, there are real feelings.

You don’t HAVE to be a bully. Some of its just delivery, telling people to stop fighting in the middle can be important,  but you have no idea about that individuals players battle circumstance.  Maybe they were sheeped, stunned, sapped and really have no choice.  Running away gets you killed,  , and people do get caught in a battle fever…  where there is an all out brawl on the battleground, so for everyone else its  better to run past and focus on the goal. Insulting your team is not going to make them play better/more strategically..

How do I deal with an ingame bully? – Sometimes I will call them on it,  eg. ” Stop being a bully”  If its something directed at me  in Bg chat.   /s ❤  If they are on a rant   /ignore

Feeding them will only encourage them. ( bit like forum or trade channel trolls)

Try and be nice to your fellow players…… try and offer encouragement,  and not  /bg GJ when someone has dropped a flag.

and if your really that agro. Breath, Leave the battle and take the 15 min deserter buff .

12 Responses to “Stop Being Bullys in BG’s”

  1. 1 Avonar August 11, 2008 at 7:38 am

    Great points. 🙂 My personal favorite to toss back into /bg: Love you too! Always gives an interesting reaction.

    Professional sportspeople will tell you that winning and losing is often in your head. Its Will, its spirit, its determination, its prevailing against all odds. Its skill, its care, If you are causing your teamates to lose their will and you haven’t even got out the gate, there is no way your going to win the game.

    == win.

  2. 2 thcgirl77 August 11, 2008 at 11:27 am

    there were times when i acted like a bitch in battlegrounds too and realized it was wrong, because people that curse and insult on /bg chat are annoying and i was doing the exact same thing. but sometimes really, you want to strangle the healer near you that doesn`t move at all (probably he`s on the toilet) while you get ganked and then you lose the base, or when some idiot yells “inc omg omg” and 5 people flock there only to see 1 enemy while the other base is not defended and you lose it, etc. so throwing an insult now and then makes you feel a little better. it`s not nice but sometimes it`s efficient.

  3. 3 Incidental Purpose August 11, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    This weekend I played about 15 bgs. All but 4 were Arathi Basin.

    We won about half of them, but the ones we didn’t win was because the majority of our team (alliance) was not defending the flags we captured.

    Seconds before the end of one such defeat, I said in bg chat: “You are Losers!”.

    I won’t take that back because we were losers, and we would have won that if our group didn’t consist of a good number of losers.

    I don’t comment much in bg chat, but when I do, it is either to announce “inc ” or remind players to defend our flags.

    I have little patience for people who pick on other people, people who swear, and people who try to convince everyone else to just give up and let the other side win to make it end faster.

    Regarding WSG, I’m playing a lvl 49 mage and I return the flag at least once every 2 maps. Last night I returned it twice in one map.

    I couldn’t do it without the support, potions, mana gems, cooldowns, and some luck.

    My flag capture strat is to just run in there grab it and run out, freezing what I can at the most strategic times, and blinking as often as I can with mana shield up, and replenishing my mana or health when potions allow.


    Last thing: one of the coolest moments last night was when I was returning the flag and we just needed this one more flag to win the match and I was in our tunnel almost to the turn in point with just the last ramp in front of me, when I had to iceblock or I would die.

    As soon as I blocked the flag dropped and a single alliance shaman, in the throng of horde trying to bash me, picked up the flag and made it the next 100 feet and turned in the flag for the win.

  4. 4 Bill August 11, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    It’s not just BG’s….the Bliz forums are very abusive, I rarely read them anymore.

  5. 5 Darraxus August 11, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Two things that the Alliance seems to lack….confidence and leadership. I try to spit out a gameplan for any BG I get into. If people see you are serious and confident they will likely play harder. This last weekend I won more than I lost in every BG beside AV (wtf Horde premades).

  6. 6 FeralTank August 11, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    “I’m not suggesting that any of the behaviour I have seen has/would drive someone or me to self harm, but when there are real people, there are real feelings.”

    Great post. I couldn’t of said it better myself. Something in me just snaps when I read people justifying what is nothing less than anti-social behavior on the premise that it’s “just a game”. WoW is build on social interactions. Without them I doubt anyone would play for long. If I never interacted with a player before and they start to bully me or others well I just got a bad impression. Whether its RL or in game you usally don’t get a second chance to make a good one. Sad. 😦

    BTW – Thanks for the recent trackbacks. I hope more people will read the “how to be nice” page.

  7. 7 Laktose August 11, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    I just wanted to respond to your comments on: “Maybe the flag should be carried by someone not wearing cloth.”

    I pretty much do nothing but PvP these days so all of my chars are pretty well geared out (all 4/5 brutal, all over 450 resil, etc). My main is a druid – a class that, as we all know, excels at running flags.

    And yet, I cannot tell you how many times I’ll be about to grab the flag and someone with 7-8k health and maybe 1-2 pieces of pvp gear snags it. I’m not trying to be a jerk about it, but there’s simply no way I can keep that person alive if they get attacked by multiple alliance.

    I have never understood why they do that. Do they not care? Do they just not realize what they’re doing? And maybe all of this just comes off as elitist, but it’s a simple fact that my druid is a more effective flag runner than the mage in full Spellfire with 7k health.

    I try not to be a jerk about it; usually I just ask them to drop it and sometimes they do (though it’s not too frequent). I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even bother to try and heal them, I just go back to the flag room and wait for the flag to be returned so I can grab it.

  8. 8 pugnaciouspriest August 12, 2008 at 12:30 am

    Wow.. what a response..
    @Avonar – It takes the wind out of their sails by being positive…. Peace love and mungbeans 🙂
    @thcgirl77 – we all have probably have lapsed a couple times and I’m not denying that its a cakewalk.. but someone has to be the better person, there is a big difference between doing it all the time and doing it once.. but by being aware of it you know its not productive…
    @incidental purpose – Yeap I’ve seen all classes when used to the best of their ability, and with luck and support carry that flag home!….
    @Feraltank –
    @Laktose – this is where communication comes into it and experience, a Disc Priest can be pretty much indestructable…. a Druid can outrun his support team and be overwhelmed, a class alone doesn’t make the best flag carrier.. Maybe the clothy didn’t see you – ( Bg blinkers.. ) but reminding the bg / the carrier ( nicely) that you are there is good communication, while each encounter is unique, the offence need to be dynamic, if you don’t have that clothys support at the end of the tunnel when you run into 3 of the opposing factions players then you too can also drop the flag. Waiting for them to die isn’t teamwork.. while I can see that healing them might be futile long term it might give the rest of the team time enough to come for backup

  9. 9 pugnaciouspriest August 12, 2008 at 12:55 am

    @feraltank – I like the upbeatness of your blog keep it up! and I wish people would buff more in Bg’s
    @Darraxus – We need to step up and take charge! Lead the team to victory – I don’t see alot of macros nowadays…. I have some which I pull out every now and then, but it makes it really hard to be effective when people aren’t ready to ride/run out the gate. So the team you send on O or to a node might still be in the townhall ( ab) or in the same spot they were dumped in when they entered Bg..
    @bill 😦 I know…. Its hard to find any topic substance behind the local residents on each realm forum.. thats why we have blogs! 🙂

  10. 10 Cynra August 12, 2008 at 3:31 am

    I ranted recently on my own blog about something that I encountered while trying to acquire my very own Spirit of Competition on my perky priestess: I was publicly ridiculed by a fellow team member who wanted to harp on how I had zero Killing Blows — as a Holy healing priest! This final straw left me so irked that I called him out on his idiocy and then proceeded to liberally douse his name in mud on my site.

    The right kind of communication can go a long way to making what may have seemed like an impossible match to something pretty darn close to a real competition. Hell, one of the things that I always do while in Warsong Gulch is cry out asking which way the flag carrier is going when he exits the flag room. Knowing ahead of time lets me get into place to assist. The same goes for calling out incoming, informing people where your opponents are, and just keeping a positive attitude.

  11. 11 Flaime August 29, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    one example from this weekend was
    “such and Such has reported you afk type /afk to remove” while we were waiting in the flag room.

    I will say that the listed example here is most definately reportable.

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