In Defence of the Non Twinks in BG’s

I have twinked my Priest Wickedminx.
with 115+ healing It’s Ok, and  level 19  but I have to get 3 more enchants, the spellpower ones to gloves/bracer and weapon, that are hard to get, so I am working on them

But so far I am performing well in the Bg’s on my Twink – Top or 2nd top healer. Some of the WSG’s I was the only healer,
My Stamina is still a little low – I have no ‘while casting’ Mana regen, which is a painful on my 1225 mana pool.

Doing some BG’s this weekend I came dangerously close to being one of those people that make a bg experience bad / worse …. its hard to bite the tounge when
when level 10’s are in there, with 200 health in whites and greys,
when level 15’s Warrior or a level 13 Rogue with 300 health want to be flag carriers,and blame the Bg for Sucking when they die because they don’t have support,
That Same level 15 at the start of every BG would tell everyone, he was going for the flag and to cover him.

Untwinked lobie V Twinked 19  – No competition.

Is there a polite way of saying ” Your not worth the mana it would take to try and heal you?”.

The power of being a healer who can heal and sheild, is you decide who has a better chance of surviving. Having to sheild that level 10 thats going to die anyway can be a waste of resources that can go to someone who is actually doing damage/carrying a flag.



The thing is, they have as much right to be in that Bg as I do. Its my choice that I’ve decided to optimise my character and you have to start somewhere and it takes serious gold to twink somtimes.  – but ideally you want as fewer of the non twinks as possible in a bg to increase the odds of winning

  While I’m sure twinks or BG Veterns would like to have Bg’s where their teammates are equally geared and experienced – thats not going to happen. There will always be the level 10/20/40/50/ect  in a Bg who just wants a look, or doesn’t know that you don’t have to run to your body on the battlefield to rez, or doesn’t know what LM is, or MT is,  or falls off the rock.

I started my Shadow Priest in Bg’s at 69 without a scrap of resilience gear. She now has 495  I took my Twink to be in at 16,  my 70 mage has no resilence gear and bad Pve Gear. I healed alot more when I 1st started Bging as a shadow Priest,  ideally trying to be the most useful.  My 16 ( now 19  twink) healed, and the several Bgs she was in was rarely outhealed.  My Mage puts down a table everytime and buffs arcane brilliance.

My point is that while  I was/am  undergeared for that particular BG I tried to be as useful as possible. ( less people complain when you are top of charts in healing,  or when you put a table down..   even if they do laugh at you and say ” You must die often” )

If you know your undergeared/underleveled…..   you will cop some flack.   Be prepared to take it on the chin, and prove them wrong.  You can still be a contributing member of the team, and by contributing  I don’t mean rushing to get the flag/take on a node all by yourself.  Be realistic – you are Best and should often be used as a supporting team member,  however its not measurable,  you will have the chance at glory  – and can sucessfully carry the flag at level 13 home, ( I’ve seen it – Yes.. it was with me sheilding, fearing attackers and healing the carrier..  but they did it!) but be prepared to be supportive rather then an glory hound.

But seriously to those level 10’s who go into BG’s – When your deaths outnumber your damage output you know there is something wrong. When your spells are resisted by level 19’s, your dots are for 4 damage a tick, and if an member of the oposing faction even looks your way and you die.

How are you having fun?

Level..   just a little bit more…..  then come back.



3 Responses to “In Defence of the Non Twinks in BG’s”

  1. 1 Seithon August 24, 2008 at 2:09 am

    You’ll have to forgive me for the off the cuff reply.. but wtf?

    While I understand what you’re talking about and agree that it is a good thing to research what you are doing and play to your best. What you are doing is deliberately playing at a whole different level supported by multiple Level 70 alts funding your level 19 near-perfectly equipped spec’d and enchanted character the purpose of which is little more then to rack up bonus kills of the newbies and more often than not permanently put them off PVP for the next 50+ levels

    So what right do you have to complain about people at low levels who are presumably newbies just starting out in the game who wanted to go enjoy a PVP match and then run headfirst into a pro-league player? You want to play in matches like that you should arrange premades in a twink league or similar. That or blizzard should setup special match options just for that so you can play against other twinks and not murder hapless newbies.

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest August 24, 2008 at 2:59 am

    You missed several key points…
    Firstly its in defence of non twinks – not against them
    and the big BUT halfway through the blog piece
    “they have as much right to be in that Bg as I do. Its my choice that I’ve decided to optimise my character”
    “If you know your undergeared/underleveled….. you will cop some flack. Be prepared to take it on the chin, and prove them wrong”

    nothing I have said is untrue – A level 10 in a bg with less then 300 health – not alot spell ranks/abilities has less of a chance surviving against a level 19 twinked or not, and while at first I was feeling annoyed having to heal someone that will die with one hit I had to step back and remember that we are all there for the same reason to have fun.. hence why I wrote the post.. I’m being honest.

    There will always be the bigger badder pro-league player – in any form of pvp – go to a pvp realm where 70’s gank baby toons for fun
    The very nature of PVP rewards for brackets indicated that your expected to stay at that level collecting all the different pieces – and as you go become better geared and most people also don’t stay in the 19’s pvp bracket long if they aren’t twinking its to easy to level past it.

  3. 3 Dave August 27, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    As far as lvl 10’s with greens and other seemingly dumb battle ground things one might see, you have to remember that there are also little children that play this game and have no idea what they are doing. My own 10yo plays, sometimes with my 70, and I have seen him do things that make me cringe but the simple fact is he’s just a kid and does not know any better. And of course there are adults that dont spend hours mulling over gear or class guides and just play the game occasionally for fun.

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