Speed Level – and What you have to go back for…


35 Yards out is asking us in his post What you Leave behind to consider, what we will be leaving behind from the burning crusade, and how attunements and keys won’t be as common as they will not be needed /wanted as much and therefore it will only be the older players that have them.

A Blog Azeroth Share topic on Refer A Friend I believe is relevant to 35 yards out’s train of thought because the faster you level the less time you spend on rep specific things, and even before we get to WOTLK the triple experience you get when using ‘Refer a Friend’ means you will breeze past questing areas.

There has been talk around the blogosphere about the generations of players in wow. I was ‘born’ one month before BC – I missed out on the epic raids of MC and AQ20/40 and my only experiences with them have been ‘ Retro runs’ of the instances as either guild events or random pugs. My rep in those factions, are minimal

I recently had to chase down two pre BC enchants for my Twink because hardly anyone had them. I have to struggle at level 70 to get the reputation I need to earn the +healing bracer Twink Enchant from the Argent dawn, while these enchants are not exclusive to Twinks, they are the best enchants for under Level 35 Items.

Are the rewards for these Pre BC factions and even Pre WOTLK Factions going to be worth going back and getting? Because its going to be so much harder to do so retroactively.
At level 58-60 Getting Argent dawn rep would have been alot easier to grind, and now its painful ( especially when you can get still get killed by rats in Scholomance) Some of these rewards are pure vanity, some of the rewards like the Zandalar Tribe ‘s in STV ‘s ZG – Brilliant Mana and Spell oils, are still useful to know/have

The faster you level, and the more xp you get for quests/kills the less time you spend in an area, and because you are least likely to stick around doing all the quests the less rep you earn. Even when the WOTLK expansion comes out, most people will be racing to the finish line as fast as they can – but at what cost. What will you have to go back and do ? 

Leveling my 2nd 70 – I was more intent on getting to 70 then doing all the Aldor Quests, and now that she is there, I need to do all the Aldor Quests I missed for rep, plus the Shattered sun, plus the netherwing, ect ect ect

I’d hope that blizzard revamp all their rep requirements for the retro factions, because in most cases people don’t bother, and there are whole chunks of the game they will never experience .

1 Response to “Speed Level – and What you have to go back for…”

  1. 1 gnomeaggedon August 25, 2008 at 5:41 am

    I keep thinking this is the perfect opportunity to go back and do some old world stuff, including the rep grinds… and my friends have indicated they want to do the same…

    Then next thing you know they are there will a new power leveled toon, that needs to be run through Kara etc…

    I think I am ready for a bit of nostalgia…

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