Badda Boom….Gonnnnnneeee…

Well I was lucky to be online when it happened, but apparently the GM upset too many people. I don’t know the details why. Its just that when I saw most of the people I really liked leaving from the guild, I thought well – Its something I had been throwing up in the air since I stopped raiding with them,
So did I jump on the bandwagon.
I gquit.

Where am I going?
Not sure – I am writing an App to follow them to their new guild – and I guess this is where the people become more important then the content, where as I didn’t know what they had been planning, I do know that I will miss playing with them. – Hence the application to be with them – I’m ok with filling out forms, so as long as I don’t log out in my PVP gear I think I have a decent chance.

I didn’t write a farewell message on our forums as it would have been deleted like so many before.. and thats not bagging out the old guild. Its a fact.

It was good and bad.. Maybe if they interviewed my old guild they might say my dps sucked. it was true.. when I first joined, and I was on my way up on my learning curve. ( having come from a guild that were all on learning curves, I never knew that what I was doing could be done better.. ) but its not now.. and I know that… and I hope to prove it to more then just pugs. Im not a ninja, I lost track of what I donated to the guild bank – and my policy is I don’t ask for anything. Full stop. Even when flasks were guild supplied I always brought my own. Always be prepared…
Oil / food/flasks or pots..
so we will see…

I is sad a little.. I hadn’t expected it to be like this.. and if my app fails I know three guilds that would take me no questions, and there are others I could apply for.. or not..

I feel nakid! – No tag on my head..

2 Responses to “Badda Boom….Gonnnnnneeee…”

  1. 1 krizzlybear August 29, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    I sincerely wish you the best! Guild drama sucks, and I applaud you for actually knowing what you want out of your playtime. Not a lot of people do. So good for you! /cheers

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest August 29, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    thanks.. I wish I had done it earlier.. as there were several reasons why I stopped raiding, I’ve said a while ago in my blog that It was because of the raiding package.. and part of the package was the reason why the others left.. So I guess Im glad to find out I wasnt the only one.. but its also a little exciting.. I have no idea where I will go.. but I knew that not being there was more important then staying

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