Dousing the Fire.


My Main is still Guildless. Not heard back on my App yet 48 hours over a weekend,  they will reply when they are ready: I hope they don’t take too long as I am considering sticking my Shadow Priest under my Bank Alts Tag untill some of the drama settles.  

Its been sad watching the guild drama get bigger, now on a much more public forum.  Its upsetting seeing so many people that used to work well with each other,  now not.

I was dammned if I stayed and damned if I didn’t  –   Maybe I took the cowards way out, by leaving silently and not taking ‘ownership’  for why I left when I did.  I’m pretty non confrontational about things like that,  was slapped around once because It was taken as a personal insult that I would ever want to leave a guild openly and I know there is a right way to do it,  but I  lost people I had connected to by doing it the right way,  and that is perhaps why I didn’t leave on my own steam, for my own reasons earlier.  I dealt with my ‘unhappiness’ by stopping raiding.

I want to be Switzerland in the current issue, I don’t know all the details,  but I’ve been able to deduce alot of the story, and I will not add my 2 cents to the official forums because, even though I left its not my fight, and I think the bigger it gets the worse the name of a guild looks – it tarnishes  the good people who are still in the guild, as well as the good people who left the guild.  

The thing though is that its not only forum trolls that keep feeding the drama, rebutal is also feeding it,  bumping it to the top, hijacking the original purpose of the thread.

It seems to be calming down. 

The comic above is from UserFriendly sometimes I don’t get them….   sometimes I can’t stop laughing..  and sometimes they are so right on the mark.

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