How many deaths?

Got up early for a Kara Run Sat morning – Made sure my errands were done and that I had cleared a chunk of my time for a decent Kara run.

I died probably around 15 times and in 5 hours we only got to Curator – we only had one tank, ( we have been spoiled by pallys)

I’m just not used to dying so much on non progression raiding –  and 5 hours for loot no one needed it is so not worth it.  Time/Badges/or the Void Crystal we got each.  Next week we should have our pally tank – I will see how that goes as I fear that  this guild will be too casual for me.  We are looking at doing only 1 10 man a week on a saturday to accomodate 3 time zones which wipes out my entire day alternating between Kara and Za. 

The harsh reality of the casual guild hit me when one of the members in chat started asking about macros alternating his questions with statments like ” I am so owning right now.. ”  We told him look at google, and at the wow website for basic commands and to find macros already written, as it was difficult to explain the concept from scratch over G chat. He didn’t.  Then wanted to know how to play his Pally and I asked one of the other members,  is he an Ebay? and it turns out he is a 14 year old or so who was given the account by the orginal member and is also known to some of the other members on the guild.

I do not under any circumstances want to raid with this person ( he isn’t our pally tank for kara thanking Elune! & No prior wow experience)   – we don’t know him or what he will take – this is how guild ninjas are born.

2 ‘shiney’  ‘designer’ guilds  are recruiting shadow P’s on my server.

Its been tempting.

But then I’ve been listening to some possible impacts on current content and stackable buffs and effects that will come in the next few weeks with the pre expansion patch – and I think that maybe those same guilds who need shadow priests might change their tune after the patch.

So I will bite my tounge… and the Gquit button for now.

/sigh   I might go reroll horde

4 Responses to “How many deaths?”

  1. 1 Larísa September 9, 2008 at 6:52 am

    Sigh. I wouldn’t put up with that to be honest. You’d probably be more succesful in any kind of Kara pug these days. But I guess if the company, the social atmosphere is really awesome you may find it worth some unnecessary wiping. For some reason I get the feeling it isn’t though, in your case.

    Not worth it. Imo. But it’s your choice.

  2. 2 gnomeaggedon September 9, 2008 at 7:04 am

    lol that is what i go through every Friday.. but then I am there to play with friends…

    What’s the 1st raid in WoLK?

    I wonder if I will get out of that before the next expansion…

  3. 3 Meltfacer September 9, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    @ pug

    Go undead, then we can hookup 😛


    10 man naxx is first I belive and it has already been cleared on the beta hehe. GL!

  4. 4 pugnaciouspriest September 10, 2008 at 1:34 am

    my Rl friends play horde and my only toon on their pvp sever is a hunter and a level 42 ( and yes she is a huntard.. I’m marksman spec )
    But I’ve applied for a raiding guild with a 3 day schedule – and an all alt in policy so the days suit me and still give me time to play..

    will see how it goes..
    or not..

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