Shared Topic: Casuals, Players and Raiders

My Side on Blog Azeroth’s shared topic this week is Casuals, Players and Raiders

I go through phases in my life of extreme high motivation eg once I juggled Kung fu three times a week and sword class once a week with Wow, full time work, seeing someone,friends, and family.

I’ve started several things, Learning Flute, Uni, Tafe ( college) Journalism,a musical, PI Course, and never finished them.
I plan on doing things, a radio course, It Certificate, web design, learn Guitar, finish writing a book I’ve been 80k words into for several years.

A few things have remained consistant – I’ve always been in a full time job ( 7 1/2 years for this one) I love writing, I love music, but it was drummed into me at a very early age – that there is no money in either. They are however what make me happy.

I work in a corporate job which has its ups and downs and its perks, but not much room for creativity. Its my compromise to the world – I can be a bit weird: I can dress in black, Write, Sing, do the Psudo goth thing, listen to metal, and goth opera, and my latest is Viking Folk music.. have tattoos, have pet rats ( used to ) all as long as I have a normal job, and besides having a good job helps pays for the things that keep me sane.

How does WOW fit into all of that – It doesn’t very well. Some things can be scheduled around Raiding, like I used to do Kungfu Locally, my singing lessons are done in the city and are close to work. But more often something is sacrificed.

I choose to play wow over doing something else: and that for me is the pinacle of the definitions of Casual, Player and Raider/Hardcore .

Choose everything else over wow – Casual
Choose some things over wow – Player
Choose most things over wow – Raiders/Hardcore

I used to be casual
I was breifly Hardcore

I am settling back into player which is where I want to stay.

The BEST thing I ever did however, was go Dual Screen.
I can still MSN/Email/Facebook/Blog/surf and talk to friends while playing wow ( my own inflight entertainment

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