Nothing of interest.

So its been a week since I applied to another raiding guild and with no response. I think a Week is a reasonable time. So Yeah Im not following it up. That means I have pretty much given up doing any more MH and BT before the expansion. I had only applied because they had been bumping their Shadow Priest Recruitment thread – and I’d been keeping an eye on their forums to see how many were applying, and they needed 2, the person who applied before me on the 5th doesn’t seem to have any form of a response either, he hasnt been rejected, nor is he in their guild so they are being really slack – or their prorities have changed.

In addition to that I realised I would need to farm mats for a full shadow resist set again.
I donated to my old raiding guild bank – like it was suggested that we do.. ALL the primals and Cloth/ Voids mats + some for a full shadow resist set ( – minus the Hearts of darkness which I helped farm for 2 months to get – ) So because I wasn’t a healer, or a tank or a core raider I wasn’t given any peices that were being made. Thats life – It sucks.. So thats me being a Sookie La la.. and wishing I had followed my Gut instinct at the time

My Current guild didnt raid this weekend at all. Given we lost our recent rejoining of the fold Pally to a raiding guild that suits his raiding timezone it may be put on the back bench / sigh

But some of us last week did join a pug with some old familar names to one shot all of Grul. ( much to the suprise of most people in the raid – who had never done that before.)

I also offered to heal Botanica ( normal) when a run was missing a healer: (I wanted to test my shiney healing gear thats around +1600 odd. I didn’t respec, and didn’t oom once, it helped I had a 15K pally tank to heal,

I suffered through alot of deaths in normal MT – feel sorry for the Warlock pug who did the log out /afk on us when we wiped on the 1st pull

I also turned down a ZA run, and earlier on a sunwell trash run offer from someone I don’t like – soley because I don’t like them, and I think principles are more important to me then loot.

I’m considering transfering to my friends Pvp server so I can Gank them ( Kidding)

I want my next priest to 60 by the Patch Shes at 21 now so it will be a reach but I have 2 weeks of holis in the beginning of October.. ( NO! I will do stuff other then wow on holis.. ) I can then use the increased xp speed for 60-70 to hit 70 before the expansion,

I really should level up my BE hunter so I at least have 1 high level horde character..

I………. realise that I probably should be playing more with real friends… but I do not want to roll a baby priest on a pvp server.

2 Responses to “Nothing of interest.”

  1. 1 Shastarian September 16, 2008 at 4:17 am

    I can remember the trepidation I felt when I was applying to other guilds, and you’re right: a week is long enough to wait, especially with no response at all. 😦

    If you need/want a hand leveling your baby priest, hit me up. I’ve taken abit of a back step with raiding due to my wife about to give birth 🙂 so I’ve got plenty of time to help out if necessary.

  2. 2 pugnaciouspriest September 16, 2008 at 5:56 am

    oh cheers – I think it might be high time I call in a few favours though if I need help 😛

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