The Presence of others..

Its almost our 8pm Server time shutdown in Sydney tonight, and I’m sitting on the railing at an Iron forge weapsonsmith overlooking the bank, and all the activity that is happening around the bridge to the auction house.

People are flying past on their mounts, in silly circles, and running up to each others faces, standing in twos and threes as if seeking comfort in numbers at this terrible time.

Little gnomes are jumping, and bank alts scurrying back and forth , back and forth, and a hunter stands in the centre, his fiery warhorse’s feets aflame.

There are alot of familar faces and tags here, little and big guilds are gathered here now. An Ogre dances on the bridge, his great belly shaking, a skeleton dances, boney head shaking to a silent rythm and a rogue with warglaives stands where people are sure to see him.

The trade channel shutdown jokes start, and anyone with an area of effect spell casts it in the space that is the public congregation area near the bank.

Shutdown in 4:00

People start to fade away as they log out, not wanting to be the last toon standing when the lights go out.

I sit still , watching, hidden in the shadows and laugh to myself at their behaviour so human like, we gather here, now because there is a moment of tradgedy to occur, and we seek the presence and attention of others to help us through.

They wave goodbye to familar faces and wait the comming of the final chime.

Server shutdown in 1:45

They say their last good byes, make one more lap around the common area, with brew fest mounts and spells ablaze. fare well my friends!
Untill we log after shutdown.


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