Are there too many changes in the Expansion?

I am confuzzled

Not just for my mains class: The level 70 shadow Priest,  but my Scub level 70 Fire Mage, a Holy priest to be now @ level 30, my level 42 Marks Hunter,  My level 10 warlock, level 5 shaman, Level 8 warrior,  ect ect ect.

There is something to be said for the cookie cutter specs,  the theory crafting has been already done for you,  Dps calulators, spreedsheets, gear lists,  forum arguments as to what will proc the most. Well worn and reliable  – there are still people critiquing gear, talents, trinkets ( and they wonder why people never post on their mains on the Wow forums – Any discussion becomes a ” I can’t believe your wearing that.. “)

and Its all about to be reset.  Gone! useless

I said about to – because regardless of what already has been done – and theorycrafted for WOTLK  there will still be changes. Changes aplenty, and we  You bloggers are here theorising, recalculting,  discussing what could be the new cookie cutter specs ( I’m watching 😛 )  and your applying the gems of knowledge already gleaned and your doing great jobs, and your crys of shock and awe, and glee, and tears are echoing all through the blogsphere

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  I was not lucky enough to go in the Beta so I am not feeling it as much,  but I’ve had my moments of ” They can’t do that!” just on Shadow Priests Beta information has filtered through  when linked through by various bloggers, and my head is spinning.

I have to relearn where to put my talent points where, AND why on all my toons/classes
I have to relearn potentially spell rotations, UI key placements, Icons, take into consideration additional buffs and debuffs,

What about the common people? Who don’t even read the Warcraft main page, wowinsider, Elitist Jerks, or Even Patch notes, blogs or forums. They are going to have no idea.

I tried to tell some people I’m still in contact with from some old guilds about the authenticator – and they were ” Whats that?”

I assume that people know that a plum is not necessarily a good thing if it doesn’t have hit on it, ( Pvp V Pve)

How many people ( and for how long? ) will walk around after the Talent point reset with no talent points in anything?

There are so many changes to game mechanics that will occur that will effect our game play – interactions – add ons,

Was it this big and different for BC?

as a MMORPG WOW is evolving….. look at where we were pre bc – and now..

Did it have to be so much all at once?

2 Responses to “Are there too many changes in the Expansion?”

  1. 1 Meltfacer September 26, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    Forget the nerfs, and yes spriests might need more tweeks in the single target department…. BUT ALERT THE MEDIA, I destroyed a mage on the aoe pulls in Naxx 10 last night. I was pulling 5500 dps to the mages 3700 … ❤ Mind sear. ahhhhhh /happy

  2. 2 gnomeaggedon September 29, 2008 at 4:39 am

    I keep reminding myself to schedule a post for mid Jan asking for suggestions for a Fire Mage spec… then I remember I will need to deal with it before WoLK, then I throw my hands in the air…

    Later…. worry about it later… running around unspec’d sounds like a good option.

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